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Saturday, February 11, 2006

feb 7

February 07
Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps... A knitting drive for amputees!
Second Sock Syndrome .... a knitters bane--- the root of much angst and knitting guilt. (OK, maybe a bit of melodrama... but you know--- I'm good with that!)

I believe I have found the cure.

Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps. (and mittens, gloves- slippers!) tag line: "Half a pair for me- perfect for an amputee!"

I'm in the process of contacting organizations of support for amputees- looking to partner handknitters- with a source for distribution....

What if- our incomplete pairs... were perfect gifts for amputees? What if, instead of guilt there was giving?

Lets do it! Besides- if you've signed up for the remarkable "Yarnharlot's" Knitting Olympics... you may be good to go!

What we'll need: Second Sock Syndrome for Stumps

1) a resource for distribution... (I'm researching- but if YOU have a contact with a hospital or organization--- that would be wonderful! ( you can e-mail me here: soltrcy at aol dot com- PLEASE put SSSS in the subject line)

2) A method of organization- (I'd suggest items to be placed- clearly labeled with item name, fiber content, size and L or R where applicable into a zip lock bag, with a note of encouragement and blessing from the knitter let's make this personal and loving!)

3) A button..hmmm and a CONTEST... (gotta have it!) Start sending your button ideas asap--- gee.... maybe the winner will recieve SOCK YARN! How about koigu, regia.... etc? We'll close the button contest on Feb 23.

4) PR---- POST about it--- link to it--- e-mail your knitting groups about it......!

5) YOUR handknit one-of- a kind items...... SOCKS, MITTENS, GLOVES, SLIPPERS.

I'm a TEAM player----I am sure there are loads of details we'll have to bump out--- please post your ideas and suggestions--- YOU'LL make this SSSS Drive GREAT!


Dear Lord- I know people struggle thru the process of adjusting to an amputation, I also can see the experiences of some amputees as inspirational.... I hope this project can communicate love- thoughtful care and comfort for someone who experiences an amputation....please help me be sensitive- and smart in this project's planning and completion... and help others catch the idea! amen

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