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Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiri... Take me where I'm going... do do do

March 17
Kiri... Take me away... to where I'm going.... do do do
STUPID title- yes- I know this...

But I'm excited!!!! I DID IT!!!!

Is it Earth shattering? Life Changing? No.

But, I learned stuff- and it's finished and it'll stay DONE...( unlike housework and diaper changes...) and well- I like it.

So there.

What am I going on about?

KIRI. After all that CHristmas knitting---- I made myself a present!

My first mulit-part lace charted project. Yahoo!!!!

Again... the STATS...

Kiri Shawl Pattern:
Free online @ THANKS POLLY!!!!!
Colourmart UK 100% Cashmere- in 4 ply----Burgundy color
(ebay) $27.00 (not sure on final yardage--- its coned yarn... hard to estimate...prob about 800 yds.)
Addi Natura circular needles in US #8's
start date:
February 25- as an impulse... (mostly- thought it would be an experiment---- have been Afraid to start this project for almost a YEAR)
Finished: March 16- blocking as I type....

Blocked measurements:

76"x48" not sure why.. probably in my blocking i'm good with it.

I'm really just posting for her to be fawned over--- so PLEASE comment away!

Knitters know--- this is one of those "MOMENTS" where you thought you COULDN'T but you did... a major accomplishment.

Besides- I learned to sometimes just FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS as written.... you don't always have to UNDERSTAND everything-- for your project to turn out!!!!!

Dear Lord- help me apply what I learned from this project into my spiritual life... I know that sometimes I don't have to UNDERSTAND all that you're doing--- to go along with your "Pattern".. but just to follow the next direction..and trust your wisdom in design.....I love you Lord- amen.

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