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Friday, March 24, 2006

My Psychedelic Cell Phone.. or cellphones don't like baths...

Psychedelic Cell Phone...... or- Cell phones don't like WATER....

This is what my cell phone menu- is SUPPOSED to look like-------

This is what it looks like after taking a "Mystery bath"
(No one has admitted to getting it wet... but i doubt we had a sudden rainstorm in my kitchen....)

2 funny things about this.

1) DH and I always fight about whether to purchase the extended warranties on stuff--- ( I always say it's a waste....) and he always wins----

Boy- am I glad he did. The new phone will be here in a few days. You were right. I was wrong. ( I hate that)

2) Remember this post?....!9E93166BA3D8321!818.trak
Let's just say--- you don't know how dependant you ARE on something -- until it's gone.... I guess thats how it always is!

But- I also gotta say- the world won't end if I'm without a cell for a while.

Noah 's response? "Mommy- just use the "Fam-bily phone---- the one at our home!"
I suppose I will.

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