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Monday, March 20, 2006

EPT..Me and My Big Mouth...or, Why I should bring knitting to family events....

EPT....Me and My Big Mouth... or Why I SHOULD take my Knitting to Family Events......

EPT No, this entry has NOTHING to do with pregnancy has everything to do with my newest personal diagnosis: (I'm awaiting medical journals to seek me out for my clinical advice on it's treatment and diagnosis.....)

EPT: Extremely Poor Timing Disorder- The afflicted, with varying frequency- loudly proclaim statements- that can be or are, due to the "timing" of the statements (not necessarily their content.)... painful to those within verbal proximity.

I've decided this a a disease I am occasionally afflicted with. I had a "recurrance" over the weekend.

EPT can be a very painful disorder. Not just for the sufferer, but, for anyone in verbal proximity. This weekend's "recurrance" is a prime example of that.

Suffice it to say--- that I was at an event, with members of my extended family.... when I made a "humorous" yet, true statement--(actually, it was about my "need" to knit).....-- that because of circumstances, I was not considering....nor fully aware of..... caused the entire "table" to let loose an audible *gasp* that made clear my "faux pas"........and my Disorder: EPT.

The details aren't important--- but it's not the FIRST occurance I've had with this "disorder"......the issue here isn't whether the *gasps* were necessary... or that the statement was made.... but the choices I had to make, after the fact.

As soon as the statement flew from my lips.... I wished it was a "trained circus bird " that I could whistle for--- and that would obediently, and SWIFTLY, return to my mouth--- never to be HEARD by those present....

No such luck.

That bird had flown the coop. And, as I am gifted with .....well... let's call it "PROJECTION" , (I am LOUD- it's a cultural thing-- I'm Italian!) there was no ambiguity about what was said- or who said it.....

I immediately, applied "verbal salve" connecting the statement to myself... and continued quickly on... in hopes of smoothing the situation..although I felt that the person involved was "fine with it".. the potential for hurt and misunderstanding nipped at my heart all day. I just don't like the feel of "unfinished business".


1) Avoid the people involved for the rest of my life. (I thought about it)

2) Over dramatize the situation--become a victim of my pity for my stupidy- and (probably for the other person..) make it even worse....( gotta be careful in apologies-- they can become drama scenes----- and make it even WORSE)

3) Just honestly, openly deal with it.

Option 3 seemed like my best choice.

I sent an email..... casual, but direct. It was recieved with appreciation and the reassurance that, "WE ARE GOOD"

Funny how sometimes just dealing with EPT recurrances.... can CURE it! (well- for the moment;)

The truth is... in relationships- we occasionally hurt each other--- sometimes intentionally... sometimes not..... we just mess up. While I try to do my best NOT too..... I think it's equally important to know HOW to handle it once you've blown it.......

Maybe you have other ideas that would help someone---- go ahead... post'em!

BTW--- I am convinced--- that had I brought my current lace knitting project into the event with me..... I'd have kept my mouth under better control......just FYI.
Sticking with the EPT theme.... having something to do with my hands and concentrate on a bit--- can function as a "prophylactic" for my mouth!!!!!

Dear Lord.... I know I am prone to EPT.. and just plain not THINKING before I speak--- please help me be sensitive to those around me.....please protect them from my "recurrances" and heal me of my Disorder!!!! Help me learn to be "careful" in my speech...and when I'm not--- help me to do what's right !!!..I love you Lord- amen....

Proverbs 13:3

3Careful words make for a careful life;
careless talk may ruin everything.

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