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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sometimes I just need to LIGHTEN up-- and I'm not talkin' bout my hair-- well.. kind of- but not really....

The sun was out. LOVE that. Driving with the sun roof open. Gotta love that. ( I have wanted a sunroof, all my "driving" life--(Ok- I've always WANTED a Red Mustang Convertible.. but car seats are a tight squeeze- and the expense it ridiculous) -I love finally having one-(sunroof- not a mustang) albeit in my old, permanent marker -drawn on truck. Yeah...permanent marker---- long story- funny- but- for another day;)

Sunshine was warming my face while I drove. Radio--- was definitely louder than necessary. I hate McDonald's --- But--- I was Lovin' IT!!!

Then, the wind picked up.(or my car sped up--- I don't remember which.. ok- probably the later...sunshine and loud music makes me drive faster. I'm HUMAN!)

Anyway- the wind started whipping my hair, into my mouth. I HATE that. I looked in the mirror--- this is NOT helping my HAIR.

I reached up- to close the sunroof---- then, that little voice- from the backseat- (my Noah- not God) started laughing.

"Mommy--- your hair is DANCING!!!!" I looked in the mirror.

That's not exactly how I saw it. I was thinking something a little more like-- "My hair's gonna be a mess when we get there.. I better close the sunroof- or I'll look like an idiot."

Being the perfectionistic freak, that I am..I almost missed the party. I didn't even know it WAS one.

(the party my hair was having)

I decided- NOT this time.

Instead of closing the sunroof- (the next thing would be to turn DOWN the radio- that always follows- closing sunroof) - - I turned UP the radio... (it will be ME getting ticketed for this- not my teens)

Then- Noah and I sang at the top of our lungs---("Ancient of Days" then Third Day's- "God of Wonders" (badly- on my part- I must say) Noah- me and my hair- all dancing in the wind and sun in my truck. THAT'S a party. That's a dance. Something , NOT to miss.

The MOPS theme for next year is John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. "

Maybe It WAS God's voice thru Noah- after all.... a little reminder- to lighten up. Enjoy the day.

I think- I limit God's fullness in my life- in all kinds of lame little , self imposed ways- like closing the sunroof- on a sunny day. Cause I'm worried about my hair. Or, by wearing too much black-- "cause colors/patterns would make me look fat."

When, I really LOVE brilliant colors. (Yeah- I know- BEING fat is making me look fat- NOT colors) There are probably in LOADS of other little things- that I do as well. I think God wants to work on me, in this area. There have been lots of other things that God wanted to work on- that weren't as pleasant;) --- this one, sounds pretty good to me...

Stay tuned- I'll keep you posted. ;)

I am so glad- that God reminds us of His truths- with the "still, small voice" even though- sometimes- for me- it sounds an awful lot like Noah--- from the backseat.

Dear Lord- I pray you'll help me to ENJOY the life you've given me... the wind the sun- all of it Lord- help me not to limit you- because of my lame ideas of "correctness"- or "perfection" I love you Lord- and want MORE of you. Help me to live FULLY! amen

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