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Monday, May 08, 2006

Have I mentioned--- I don't like to sit still????????

This is just SOME of what it takes for me to survive a LOOOOOONG car trip..............

5 episodes of "Lost" on my IPOD
20 Podcast episodes
2 magazines
1 1/2 pair of finished hand knit socks (blue- knit picks memories- in Yukon's "Broadripple pattern" --- pink/purple... Koigu KPPM broadripple pattern again- this time with a K2P2 rib top--- my jaywalker ripoff--- on larger needles.. for the impatient. That's me. )

A Bit of spinning.....
Ummm actually a LOT of spinning,
actually spinning in the sun-- till I was FRIED!
Sunburnt spinning?

Noah cathing "Doggyflies" :

Our little "Home away from Home":

Casa Del Solomon:

More later--- Must do LAUNDRY. HATE doing Laundry..........

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