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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Internet Secure..... from HUMANS!!!!!!!!

Internet Security--- Makin me INSECURE!!!!

Word Verification.

Please Confirm that you are human.....

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

So, I type in......XYZAB0797

Word could not be verified,
(I get another chance)
please type in


EXACTLY as you see it.

I type in......80P9MXZ

Dang! I know what I did WRONG... but do I get a second chance?

NOOOOOOOOO.... Up pops another hard to read scramble.

By about the fifth time, I start to wonder if aliens (or others) are sending me coded messages:




6921whybothercommenting whocareswhatyouthinkanywayyouloser86l293yr



This could be it. This could be what pushed me over the edge. (unless I am already there- which is possible)

Am I defective? AM I the only one who has trouble with this? Is there some learning disability that I can blame this on? What is my PROBLEM????????

Am I a SPAMMER and I don't KNOW it??????

I AM a Human... right??????????????

Please- someone confirm-- because, if I am a computer- there are some SERIOUS programming issues here.

I'd love to hear your rants and opinions on this--- but- I suppose you'd have to pass my comment test. You'd have to remember your LOGIN information........your .netpassport stuff...yur blogger stuff--- blah blah...Oh my word---- security is scaring me!!!!

I wish I could make my own.

Please type in the most wonderful blogger you know's name .

TRACEY is the only acceptable answer.

Please type in "I'm a loser, it's 2:24 A.M."

Or even better--- if you are confused by this test- click YES-- you are a human- and are free to coment.

I have been tempted to click the little wheelchair. and see if I can type in the right thing there--- but honestly--- I'm afraid I'd flunk that one too- plus--- as I am only handicapped in ways that aren't "official" I feel like that would be cheating.
My hands are already sweating. I am at the end of my post--- the wavy green letters are already taunting me...... yfitv
Y Fit TV???? Blogger-- are you calling me fat? Are you insinuating that I would be FIT without TV????? Are you challenging me Y I fit TV into my already busy life?????????
Paranoia, can destroy-ya.
(yfitv- first time- here I go) TTYL

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