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Friday, June 02, 2006

Confessions of an Iced Tea Freak/snob/addict


June bugs, sunshine, camping, pic-nics, barbe-ques, painting the windows on my truck to embarrass my children on the last day of school,

pulling out shorts from last year--- (crap they don't fit- we won't talk bathing suits here) Kool-aid, hotdogs--- (don't tell me about them- or what is in them or how they are made- leave my bubble-- please, it's a junk food I like).

Knitting in the sun. Reading in the sun. Fishing with my guys. (especially if I catch the biggest fish.) Floating with friends in 4 inches of water on "floaties" in a lake..riding borrowed jetskis--- FAST.

The smell on sunblock on little, sand covered boys.

Going to the lake. (any lake)

And what SAYS Summer to me???


Old Fashioned, brewed from the teapot- with tea you'd drink hot- strong, plain, fresh iced tea.

No fruit- maybe fresh mint- or a scant teaspoon of sugar-- not quite dissolved- so it makes sweet, caffeinated sludge on the bottom of the glass. (I leave it there- whatever- it's how I do it;)

A straw.

Always ice and a straw.

NOT "sweet tea".

Not, "tea in a can". Or, raspberry tea.

I used to like "Sun Tea" until a nurse friend wrecked it for me....(google "bacterial growth in suntea"- or don't your choice- if you love it- just DON'T, to preserve your love- live in denial.)

Not sugary, lemony pop tasting stuff. Not tea from a mix, or tea with lemonade......

But, real. Iced Tea.

By the gallon, by the jug, if I could brew a Keg-- (i'll get interesting google hits out of that one) I would. Then- I'd drink it all myself.

Iced Tea.

My mom used to make it in the morning- in her lavander zip up fleece robe ... water brought to a boil in a soup pot- then tea bags tossed in- usually red-rose or lipton.

Then- into the big, orange tupperware pitcher.

Nothing added- but you can sweeten in the glass- if you want to... Iced Tea. Glass dripping with condensation- better if sipped while floating in a a lake....Iced Tea.

Coffee in the mornings- (of course) But- in the summer---


I don't know why, but I can love tea- both hot and cold- while coffee that is iced- is WRECKED.

It's not that I think my way is better--- but I love it most.

So know- you know---

Yet another addictive process in my life-

Iced Tea.

Places with decent drive thru tea- in a pinch-

McDonald's ( I hate McDonalds)Tim Horton's
add your suggestions to the comments--- I'll add them to the body of the [ost- for other poor addicted souls.

My Iced Tea Recipe:
(Yeah- like I pay attention)

12 GOOD tea bags- (If you wouldn't drink it hot- don't bother)

1 gallon fresh water brough to a boil

Pour water over bags- (in a heat safe- picture I have a giant rubbermaid one- but glass would be better)

Steep about 10 minutes (or until you remember- or can wait no longer)

Pour while hot over ice cubes- (go to the gas station if the kids forget to fill them)

listen to the ice explode

stir in less than a teaspoon of sugar, with a straw.

Suck it down--- all day long.

Whats your favorite brand of tea to brew???

post away!:) I'll sip tea and read.

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