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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knitting spinning and the "Amazing Lace Introduction..."

Spinning? Yep- 8 oz. of 80/20 merino silk. spun, plied and taking a rest before washing and drying.
(Pic is pre plying)

Plied Pretties---- Looking about "sport wt" to me... but will have my "Spinning Master" check next week.

Any guesses whom my partner (aka: The bane of my exisitence) may be???

A few clues-

1) It is a free pattern, available online.

2) It was not designed by a "bunny" but I THINK "bunny" every time I see her name.

3) It is a "stole" pattern with a shetland construction method.

Give up?
Click here to find out.... Click: "Print'O The Waves"

A few tidbits about My "Amazing Lace Adventure" already:

I've chosen a pattern with techniques I've not yet tried, such as the picked up and knitted on border- (THAT should be fun....)

I've chosen a pattern that I've already attempted, but ditched.
(A glutton for punishment? Setting myself up for failure? Quite possibly- both.)

1) This yarn will be dyed- it is totally erradicating the lace pattern.

2) I have cast on and started this project no less than 10 times. (By george- I think I've got it...THINK being the operative word here.)

3) Either this project will make me crazy or prove me brilliant, the former being more probable.

As I am already a bit jaded, I thought I'd call in an objective interviewer to offer the "Laces" side of this story.

Below you'll find the interview's synopsis.

Interview with "The Lace"

"Lace, Thus far, how do you view your partner?"

"Well, to be honest, I find her trying- she just can't seem to keep up with me, I'm afraid she'll bog me down"

"So do you have any suggestions for improvement?"

"I'd suggest she relax, have a cuppa tea, some chocolate, and follow the pattern."

"Do you have any hope?"

"There is always hope."

"Can you tell us why you've joined the "Amazing Lace"?

"Well, I like to see knitters challenged to the edge of their skill set, then grown. This one has a lot of room for growing, if you know what I mean."

"So, you're here to promote this knitter to levels as of yet unreached?"

"Well, that, or drive her nuts, either one is good for me."

SEE! I told you! She's trying to drive me nuts!

To which I say, "BRING IT!"

I've made it through 4 repeats of chart 1. I can DO this.

(i think;)

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