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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Knitter- over come with Brownie fumes--- takes DAYS to recover

amazing lace and reprieve In case you're wondering where I've been........

On Friday.... I was over come with toxic fumes. I have been going thru detox ever's an intensive home recovery process- but I think I'm on the mend.

It began with preparation for a party--- (accidents always happen that way.. don't they?) At first I felt fine.... Batches 1-3 went off without a hitch- but somewhere between batches 4-13... thigs get a little hazy.

All I know- is- I awoke to find myself and the boy- on the kitchen floor- brownie batter clinging to our chins- and spatulas clasped like swords for battle in our hands.....

The fumes were found to be predominately safe, (by the brownie inspectors called for these occasions) after careful evaluation.... . the source of the fumes was determined to be my own OVEN.

Specifically: the 300 brownies I baked in it!!!!!! (For a graduation party.. my friends son, whom we love--- of course;)

Friday was a blur- stir, mix bake and cool... cut plate start again.... and again....

There were:

Mint Chocolate chip brownies
White Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip with Walnuts
Peanut butter chip
M&M Mini Brownies
Oreo Brownies
Mounds Brownies
Peanut butter chip w/ walnuts
Heath Pecan Crunch

COUNTLESS Batches in 9x13 pans.....(you accumulate a number of those in 18 years of marriage----btw) WAY too much fun all around;) ( I love baking) Noah thoroughly enjoyed "sprinkling" toppings of all sorts.

But.....Please, nobody say BROWNIE.;) It is the NEW B word. (least at my house it is)

I started Saturday morning- baking 15 pounds of barbeque meatballs---- (also for the party...;)

Party was awesome- all day poolside event- Noah made new friends.....(he does that;) and got his first sunburn (mom's fault) We all had a great time...

Sunday way Fathers Day- so we devoted ourselves to makin' Daddy Happy.
He got "Guitar Hero" (Playstation game extraordinaire) and a gps for camping;) (had one previously- that was stolen from our car. :( )

After a few HOURS of Guitar Hero--- we headed out to Great Lakes Crossings- to go to
Rain Forest Cafe--- then saw "Nacho Libre" Like I said- it was a day all about makin Daddy happy;) Ended the day with a quick trip to the new IKEA. Holy cow- that place is NUTS.

Bought a few things- but, could have bought LOADS. Good prices- cute stuff;) I admit it--- I liked it.

As for me-- I knit--- and knit--- and knit--- (there was plenty of time between brownie batches.) I added repeats to my "Amazing Lace" Project.... and I crossed, yet another knitting line....

I've knit WASHCLOTHES. Yes. I know. Another Thing I thought I'd never do... but they are quick- simple- and cute--- and will be wonderful gifties with a bath bomb wrapped in each one- tied up with a ribbon....;)

amazing lace and reprieve 001
In the background is my sanity saver project..... the basket weave shawl in Noro Silk Garden Lite...The striping is pretty--- but the Noro- is pretty knotty and has too much vegetable matter in it for me... the only sticks I like in my knitting are my needles. It's also not so soft--- so am hoping a soak will soften it up a bit--- but the stripes are pretty, has a nice halo to it, and the colors are great... so I'm good- it will be perfect for cold nights sitting around the fire when we're camping;)

The cute washclothes are from Mielkes Farms--- it's a free pattern- in Sugar and cream cotton (hello Walmart) They are quite cute- so I have a number more in my line-up---- Finally- My Amazing Lace Project....

amazing lace and reprieve 002I'm thinking I have the lace pattern down down now- occasional errors- are quickly found and fixed... but this will be my first project with a border that is knit-on--- I'm starting to feel panicky about it---- but- I'll give it a shot. Worst case- I can always- knit it separate and sew it on.... but hopefully not-

Later I'll be posting my entry to the Amazing Lace Challenge #3... I'm still trying to recover from being sick- and then overcome with brownie fumes;)

shhhhhhhh just say no to brownies;)

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