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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Amazing Lace---- Extreme Crazy Making

notsoamazinglace 003

Extreme Knitting---- Extreme Crazimaking.

17 times to cast-on is a charm? Maybe, maybe not. This is not what I expected. I entered "The Amazing Lace" with all intentions of having a positive experience.

So far- not so good. I expected to face a challenge--- to climb a lace knitting mountain... and reach the summit.

So far- I've just reached a new pinnacle of crazy. Not exactly my goal. Crazy pretty much happens naturally- it doesn't take work, learning or challenge- it is basically my "DEFAULT setting".

I love the look of Eunny' Pattern... But- my project has been riddled with "ISSUES." I started with a variegate- yarn- Knitpicks "Shimmer"- in the turquoise colorway. I cast on- knit - ripped, cast on re-knit- trying to "get" the pattern. Once I finally "GOT" it... I decided the yarn just wasn't working with this pattern. I needed something solid colored...

I changed yarn... to knit picks "Shadow" in "vineyard", after countless cast-ons and false starts... I think I have the pattern... pretty much down....

Yet- the feel of this yarn--- is NOT doing it for me.

It's bouncy--- but no sheen and kind of itchy feeling.....

My dilemma:

What to do? Keep going? Hope it softens after a good soak in Eucalan? Or dump it and pick another yarn--- or another LACE PATTERN... or QUIT altogether??????????

Honestly- I think I want to rip the whole thing- (am on repeat 6, of like 28) Or- quite possible I want to rip out all my hair! (ummm bald probably wouldn't be a good look for me...)

This morning- instead of trudging ahead--- I spun up some alpaca as a means of fiber-therapy. soft- creamy fiber---- nice wheel--- spinning rt along until I started sneezing and sniffling.

Apparently, I have Alpaca allergy issues.

GREAT. I cannot spin--- I cannot knit.

I think I'll lose my mind---- Knitting is supposed to be relaxing. Right? RIGHT??????

NOT Today.

I'm going to do laundry. While I eat chocolate and research a few doctrinal can lace be possessed?

I'm going to strategize with my Lace partner---well- maybe I'll make threats, do some further "Yarn experimentation"...maybe have a lace bonfire.

Or, in the most possible evil way to deal with lace gone bad--- I'll ask some mafia moths, I know- to perform a kind of "Moth meets wool Exorcism".......

See- I told you... it's driven me crazy.....I just hope the trip back to normal will be as quick as my jaunt to crazy....

Interesting thought- GOING CRAZY--- is a short trip... Why is going NORMAL so much longer a journey??

hmmmm tried to re-read this post...... the pic doesn't look bad...

After all this whining-- I think I'll just keep going.

Oh my word- I AM NUTS!

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