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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Males must click away- this is a girlfriend post- you've been warned.

Things I learned about myself this week.......

Some, I wish I didn't know.

The Mom, according to the Noah:

"Mom, your b**bs are loooooog"

(Can't a mom just get dressed, without being walked in on, and having a 4 year old, do color commentary? Man!)

"Mom, your butt is "boinky"

(boinky- think bouncy- this was stated while I was standing at the kitchen counter making dinner and he was bouncing his head into my left bum cheek, while singing a song... this kid needs to go to school ;)

"Mom,you have cool zebra stripes!"

(Just LOVE bathing suit season, don't you? Those are stretch marks, baby- and they are YOUR fault. I thought it, but I didn't SAY it.)

"Mom, you're so beautiful I can't take my eyes off you"

(Yes, he's mouthy, but smart. He must have sensed, he was at risk of being cut off from his fruit snack supply, this is his favorite suck- up comment. And, yes- it works.)

Random words from Noah:

"Mom? Sami is dripping." (It's hot. Dog's pant, honey.)

"Does Sami have a belly button?" (Apparently dogs do- fyi. And yes- as per the norm, Daddy was right on this one- Mommy was wrong.)

"Underwear are drippy, pull-ups are better" Kind of defeats the potty training plan, but he's got a point.

Dear Lord- I love my boys- please help me not kill them. Amen

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