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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dear sister friends... look will not like this

Skipping church to see a Harlot?

Nope, not me. Didn't do it. I may have THOUGHT about it, but I didn't do it.

Went to church FIRST. (Which was a phenomenal worship experience)

Then went to see The Harlot.

Much better.

The Yarn Harlot that is. If I am freak and an addict when it comes to knitting- then she is the QUEEN. (as long as there is someone worse than me- I'm fine, right?) She writes books about knitting. She blogs, about knitting. And yes, She actually does knit.

There was no actual "Harlotry" in the making of this blog entry, so please don't worry about me. She is a humorist and her name? Is Stephanie Pearl -McPhee. AKA : The Yarn Harlot.

I joined over 200 other knitters at the Ann Arbor Library, where The Harlot beguiled us with "yarns" of knitting, not telling us HOW to knit, but talking about the fun of it. The people of knit, and the people who don't get "knit".

In the pic above- you see Mrs Harlot herself holding my completed "hedera" sock (mine is the sock on the left;) finished while waiting for the book signing) if you want to know about the sock picture thing- well- click over to her site and read about it;)

Interesting things happen at Knitting book-signings:

1) Estrogen, when concentrated in a super heated room, can be palpitated. It was mainly a female audience. Estrogen levels peaked at an all time high in the Library.

2) At a Knitting book signing, people you don't know, may fondle your knits. Be careful if you choose to WEAR them. (I DID. Can you say boundaries? Though- its also true, most will ask before they pet your silk shawl... besides- they liked it;)

3) People at knitting book signings take interesting pictures. They hold half knit socks, into the frame & they photograph other people's knitting. One woman asked to take a picture of MY shawl. (hello? I'm NOBODY... but it was sweet- so I let her;)

4) People at knitting book signings know they are somewhat crazed, and they are FINE with that, it's the rest of the world who has the "issues". (Hmmmmm yes- that's crazy, I get that;)

5) Nobody at a Knitting Book signing even bothers to try to act "cool" please, it's about KNITTING. Duh.

So that's my story- and I'm stickin to it.

BTW- please note- My sock is bigger than the Harlot's sock;) Just sayin.

Below- a shot of the knitter lining up for the signing- (umm it started as a LINE but ended more of a spiral as women snaked around the room- though most were kept civil, by knitting)

I think the guy below had a full head
of hair when he arrived-must a been the estrogen;)

harlotry 004

See- It's not just ME: harlotry 002harlotry 001 blurry pic;)

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