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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quarantined. OK. That's a lie.

A few random questions:
1) Besides being a repository for virus infected snot, do the sinus' have a function?
2) Can one use a plunger to clear ones sinuses from an infection? (Seems like it would be quicker/cheaper than Clarinax)
3) Does a squeaking sound emmanating from one's sinus' signal a possible problem? (My oldest thinks it's funny. "Mom make your head squeak again!")
4) Whom does a Mom clear/cover a sick day?
5) Has there been a study done to see if the skin lost due to frequent nose blowing, is permanent, and if so- can cheap tissue be re-marketed as an at-home Rhinoplasty kit? (I'm pretty sure I can find a dr (no caps intentional) to endorse the product for the right fee....I could have my own invention---I'll be a "home-cosmiceuplasty" mavin.... An Infomercial! Starring-oh... maybe -- Barbra as a spokes-woman? Maybe for the before pics... OOOPS stepped over the line I may still have a fever...sorry bout that)
Those who read here- are quick. Smart- intelligent. (That's why you're here- to see how the other side lives;) Quick as you are, by now- you've deduced, I'm sick. Yep. I am. Sinus infection. Started Sunday morning. By Monday afternoon, I was thinking about actually going to the doctor. (I hate going to the doctor) Tuesday, I actually went.
Have been avoiding going to my regular physician for over a year. (Urgent care and such) This was bad enough, that I ventured to the primary care doc. In case I needed a referral to a plumber for roto-routing the sinus passages or something.
Somewhere along the line- my doc decided that this was going to become a "lets get you up to date health wise " appt. Better check everything while we've got her up on the hoists... you knpw- the mechanics approach to healthcare. I mentioned concern over weight gain, despite several diet and exercise attempts (Still working out 5 times a week.) I was looking for help. I got ticked.
My sensitivity over my weight gain, must have been lost in translation. (Have had the same Dr for years...her accent is still heavy) Her reply- was to look at my chart- and say:
"Oh, you gain weight. A LOT of weight." thnx, doc.
Yeah. That's probably why I avoid going to the doctor. Her title? Doctor Obnoxious of the Obvious. (OK- typically I like my doctor- but there is nothing like having the confirmation that you're fat, to tick you off. Regardless of your prior knowledge of the very same fact. )
I left with 3 sheets of prescriptions. Two of which, are for lab tests. (Oh please oh please I hope I have a thyroid condition... that's making me fat. At least there is a treatment a for that. )
Hmmm.... I thought about deleting the previous sentence- as it shows a great insensitivity to those with thyroid conditions..... I'm sorry bout that. I can't even imagine how hard the medical issues you face may be.... but the truth is--- what mom of three kids , with a number of pounds to lose, approaching forty-- hasn't wished her weight problem was really a thyroid problem?
Hmmmm lessons learned today----
Sinus infections and Dr's visits make me cranky. Thats about it;)
I'm going to work out... Hey....Does anyone know of an attachment for an exercise bike that will hold a box of tissue????? (kidding- actually feeling better today- hence the post. ( I love the word "hence" btw, both in- and OUT of context. I may even venture out of the house;)
Dear Lord- This is a season of sickness- seems like the flu, colds etc are making the rounds, as they do each winter. I pray for those who are sick- and those who have sick kids- that you'll be with them and heal them, oh- and give their doctros wisdom, Lord- not to say anything DUMB. in Jesus name- amen.

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