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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brazilian Cat waxing, falling downstairs and other random updates....

Scene 1-Brazilian Kitty Waxing- Sometime Friday...

The boy- has once again found something to get into. He's been on a "waxing" kick... and it's not waning. I keep my eyebrow wax under the bathroom counter. (Before you say anything...I don't anymore...)

While under the guise of a need for "privacy" I left him in the bathroom unatttended for a few minutes. FYI: "Privacy" is code for: "I need to poop, Mom- leave me alone" (He's five- and now getting so much more refined in his manners...NOT) Anyway- he privately once again discovered the wax. I found drips and drops along the counter and floor.

I cleaned it up- and put him in time out.

All was once again calm.

Hours later- I went to have some privacy of my own.....when I discovered a clump of suspiscious white cat hair on the counter. A CLUMP, I tell you. Not just a few kitty strands. I swiped at the fur....when I realized it was stuck.

Poor Cappucino, (our white long haired "good cat") must have learned the hard way how painful a bikini waxing is.....sat in a missed drop of wax....and RIPPPPP. Brazilian style kitty butt. (ok I'm exaggerating.... I couldn't find any bald spots...he was fine...but there WAS a clump of fluff on the counter!) Hmmmm maybe now he'll stay off the countertops.

Scene 2- The daring old mom, flys down the steps- sometime- yesterday

How many times have I said... "Don't play on the steps?" Apparently I should have listened, to myself.

Standing at the top of the steps- while I was holding him, Noah said: "Don't drop me Mommy!"

"I would never drop you, goofy!" Then, being the outrageously funny and fun mom that I am, I tipped him back wards... just far enough that he'd feel like I may actually drop him. He laughed as I snapped him back upright.

That's when I learned a lesson in physics.

Nyloned feet
+ carpeted steps
+ wiggling 5 year old
+ Old Mom off balance

= a rather unpleasant way to slip slide and bounce down a flight of steps.

My feet slid out from under me... I held on to my little man with all my might, and bounce/slid down 14 steps on my left hip and elbow---- The one struggling to hold onto Mr Noah...

Most importantly- he's fine- and No, I did not drop him.

However- this morning- my shoulder/back feels like burning lead and I may just be making an un-planned trip to the urgent care......

The worst part? It's affecting my knitting. But not enough to stop me;)

Cast on Central Park Hoodie #2- In Cascade Sierra "Raspberry" Colorway.

I'm about to cast off for the shoulder shaping on the back. (I am knitting it a bit longer than the pattern--- I'm rather long waisted- (and short legged- now that's attractive;)

I wore my CPH on Sunday.... I love that sweater, but will need one that isn't as heavy for spring/summer wearing. The Sierra is an 80 cotton 20 wool blend. And I'm knitting it a bit looser. Should be just the thing- If I don't end up with my arm immobilized or something!

cookies and CPH 003

Scene 3- A guilt induced fit of "Good Mommy Cookie Baking"

No calamity- but after goofing around on the steps and falling with my little man- the residual guilt levels were still quite high.... so after a nice tub full of bubbles (Noah not me-- although a long hot soak sounds wonderful about now...) we decided to bake and decorate some Easter cookies.....well- we decorated cookies and licked the spatulas....;)

cookies and CPH 001 cookies and CPH 002

Dear Lord- thanks for not letting me smoosh my little guy..on the steps...please heal my shoulder- and help me be patient as it heals...Thank you Lord- for all you did on the very first Easter... I love you Lord- amen!

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