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Friday, July 13, 2007

Simple Summer Bruschetta

It's finally here! Farm stand season in Michigan!

Tomatoes with flavor- fresh sweet corn, zucchini for stuffing!

YES! This Italian Mama made herself a special lunch today! In honor of my first trip to the farm stand- I'll share a favorite recipe
Simple Summer Bruschetta:

preheat oven to broil

1 loaf good Italian bread-(or A French Epi loaf) sliced about 1" thick

1/2 Cup Favorite Balsamic Vineagrette (I like Newman's Own)

Optional: a few TBLS Gorgonzola cheese crumbles.

3-4 Large fresh tomatoes seeded and diced (I just cut the tops off then run the knife into the center sections to loosen the seeds then give it a gentle squeeze to dmp the seeds. Purely preferance- you can leave the seeds if you want them)

1) pour dressing over tomatoes and let them macerate for 15 minutes or so.

2) Using a pastry brush- "paint" bread slices on one side with dressing from the bowl with tomatoes- as if buttering.

3) If you like Gorgonzola (or bleu cheese) sprinkle over bread slices

4) Broil till just toasted- about 3 minutes, until bread is toasty and cheese is melty YUM. (watch closely- this is best done by "eye")

5) While still hot (this lunch needs to be eaten immediately) spoon macerated tomatoes over toasted bread.

This is italian grilled cheese and tomatoes- kicked up! For lunch I munch three huge slices with a glass of persimmon/white tea iced tea.

Oh yeah.

PS- usually I have a momma lunchable (south beach lunch in a box or something similar) But once in a while it's nice to make a special meal... just for me. ;)

Another day I'll post my method for bruschetta the "hard way" olive oil, bread rubbed with fresh garlic etc;)

Knitting update- Why Yes, I still am.;) One monkey sock complete- and am on row 138 of Mystery Stole #3

farm stand season.... Italian trinity

Giant zucchini's to soon be stuffed and sauced;)

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