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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A rockin' good time...Fossil Hunting......

Boys and rocks- they go together like bread and butter (well- except dirtier;) Instead of fighting the whole rock thing- last weekend we rolled with it;) We were fossil hunters for a day! (and a new hobby has been born- this time for the guys not so much me--- this involves dirt so-- ummm you know- i did my share, but not so much my thing;)

Fossil Park-

Olander Park- Sylvania Ohio

(About an hour from our home)

What can you find? Fossils. Loads of them.

How do you do it? You play in the dirt, find 2 rocks, and then caveman- style bang them together- until one breaks. The guys were all over this one. Well- till they got bored (after about 2 hours) and started throwing rocks over the edge- It was inevitible.)

A few notes:

  • Bring a garden kneepad thing.. (or just knee pads would work)

  • I'd suggest work/type gloves- those rocks are sharp and just the pounding hurts.

  • Bring water bottles , sunblock. You are sitting in a rock quarry- basically a brick oven;)

  • Bring a bag for taking home you're treasures. (Yes- you GET to keep what ya find;) A few paint brishes fro removing dirt would be good too;)

  • No hammers, chisels etc. They do have a few shovels available. (we opted to bring home a few mid size rocks to break apart at home with our own tools- worked great!

  • They receive "fresh" deliveries on the 1st of the month. (less picked over at that time)

  • It's free! (Can't beat that)

  • They do have a sign with pics of fossils you may find- but we also took this book- "The Complete Guide to Michigan Fossils"
Mystery Stole 3 is coming rt along- I finished clue 5 this morning- just 6 and 7 to go;)

I'm just hoping I can get it done in time for when my "Swan Shawl pin" arrives..... It will kill me if I have to wait to wear it once the pin arrives;)

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