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Monday, August 13, 2007

We're Home!

The washing machine is running like it's being chased by the salvage man....(which it may be ready for after the three smelly bags of beach laundry I have in store for it!)

The kids are peeling their sunburns, and competing to see who can create the largest un -torn skin shedding. (ouch, and yeah- I know MORE sunblock..... I get it)

There are misc suitcases calling my name and it's taken me all day to upload 579 pics to my lap top (only 30 of which made it to flickr so far)..

All this can only mean one thing- We're home from Traverse City!

More updates and pics to follow-- for now, it's the laundry dungeon for me... after a quick stop to find my lipbalm.... I somehow managed to SUNBURN my bottom lip!!!!!!!

You can click the flick pic and check out the traverse city set for a sneak peek;)


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