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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well now---- here I am! Mystery Stole 3 update and Trip To Thread Bear Review!

Where to start? Where to start?

Back is better- whew. That's a good thing.

My post is up over at Laced With Grace- Don't miss it- you'll see how a family table political debate turned us all to prayer......through the leading of the littlest member of the family (of course;)

We went to friends' 25 anniversary party on Saturday... it happened to be on the West side of the state so a stop at Thread Bear Fiber Arts Studio was a must.... and is something NOT to be missed!

Things I loved about Thread Bear-

1) Over 6,000 sq feet of YUMtastic Yarn! (A word of caution- I was a bit crestfallen when I pulled up- I was expecting a huge shop--(which I got) -- however-the store front was average size.... (front window) ----totally deceptive- it is DEEP-goes back forever and - huge on the inside- don't let the curb-effect fool you;)

2) Staff immediately welcomed me in and included me in conversation... about fall plans- and even a stroll through the new Vogue Knitting anniversary edition..

3) Owners were present- and delightful.

4) I bought- Blue Skies Alpaca silk,Blue Skies Alpaca alpaca silk
Blue Sky Cotton, Blue Skies Cotton
Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn,smooshy dream in Color and lovely stitch markers;)

5) Big, sleepy, sweet, black dog on his own Ottoman- of course;)

6) Shop is visually stunning- bright, loaded with yarn yet still open and easy to maneuver through without knocking yarn out of every bin. (I hate it when I feel like an oaf knocking stuff all over in an overly crowded shop;)

7) Fiber for spinning;)

8) Comfy spots to sit n knit

9) Wi-fi available for non-knitting members of your excursion

10) Lovely displays- did I mention the visual appeal????

Thread Bear- it truly is Michigan's Knitting Mecca.... Excuse me, if from now on, I must face the West to knit;)

My Mystery Stole 3 is coming along quite nicely- I'm at row 292- Melanie's recommended lifeline secure....(And somewhat freaking me out...for the life of me- I cannot anticipate what's coming;) )

mystery stole 3 at rown 292

mystery stole 3 at 292 close up LOVE the border

I sees bees- MS3

I finished my African Violets Inspired Chevron Scarf in silk:

silk chevron and violets

silk chevron scarf

And- I cast on The Invisibility Shawl From Charmed Knits:

It's in some random- stash dived lavander Feza mohair blend

Invisibility Shawl- Charmed Knits

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