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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hemlock Ring doily- now shawl;)

Ya just never know what you'll find on the 'net- Sometimes, even- inspiration. This is one of those weeks. In the knitterly way! I found the Hemlock Ring Doily Pattern- via


Jared- (AKA Brooklyntweed) used a hefty yarn and big needles to transform a 1942 knit doily pattern into a blanket. I've changed needles and yarn (yet again) to turn the same pattern into a shawl. It's my first attempt at a circular shawl, I was hesitant to try one. (No real answer for why- I use circs all the time- and dpns and knit in the round)

I'm using US #3's for a nice, full lace look. (I wanted something more substantial after all the lace weight- in the MS3) The yarn is Colinette's "Jitterbug" in beautiful rich colorway- "Velvet Plum." The yarn is a lovely, squishy, soft merino fingering weight. The colorway is a tonal semi-solid- and the stitch definition is great.

Hemlock Circular Shawl

hemlock circular shawl 005

Monkey Sock update? You bet!

Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks

Cookie A's Monkey Sock pattern from
Lana Grossa Cotton Meilenweit (Cotton blend)
Grafton Fibers "Darn Pretty Needles" In size 1 1/2 (loving these- smooth nice points- and truly- "Darn Pretty" like knitting with a rainbow! ;)

Between knits and laundry I've been prepping the guys for back to school...... shoes the while trying NOT to think about a year from now- when the oldest will be leaving for college!

A post on those thoughts is coming soon...... it's all about TIME... and running out of it!

Knitting is a rather nice and productive avoidance technique ;)

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