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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 BLOCKING! Complete;)

Swan Lake-

Mystery Stole 3 is finished and currently enjoying my cat-proof blocking method. (I just lay it out on the floor with blocking wires and blow the fan over it... my cats don't "Do" wind;)

Pretty pics to tempt you: (you can see more at my flickr page)

Just The Stats Ma'am:

Alpaca With a Twist Fino- Black just over 1 skein.. probably around 900-950 yrds. (Skein has 875)

US size 3 Crystal Palace Bamboo circular needles

Free (for members- available soon for purchase) Pattern from Pinklemontwist

More pics are up at flickr

Blocking measurements:

84X24 (ish)

Beads from good old big box Michaels. in black glass. (Tossed the pkg ... sorry. But- somewhere between a 6 and 10) (how's that for vagueness?)

Size 12 Crochet hook for threading on the beads.

So-this was my first attempt blocking lace with blocking wires-
Love them. Bought them at knit-picks.
Go ahead. Buy them now- Really- you should. It'll save you hours of pinning.

Any guesses what I'm knitting next?

A few clues:

1) Free pattern online.
2) Ummm yeah. Lace.
3) It's my first CIRCULAR lace piece.
4) It's currently on a fabulous male knitters blog (where I found the pattern) He used BIG needles... I'm not.
5) you should get it from that.

Stats- Colinette Jitterbug (YUM. I needed something a bit more substantial after all that lace-weightthis is like yarny truffles)
US Size 3 needles- started on DPNS- Darn Pretty Needles by Grafton Fibers--- Let's just say The Yarn Harlot knows her DPNS;)

(I bought them after seeing them on her blog- and they are lovely- also currently knitting another pair of Cookie A's Monkey's on a beautiful rainbow colored set of US 1 1/2s;)

Pics of those, tomorrow!

For now- this is the start of my new lace project:

mystery stole 3 blocking 003

I have to go- blocking is such exhausting work;)

PS--- Ok- Romi-- I'm ready for my shawl pin;)

Friday is my birthday- I'm hoping to have pin in hand and wear it with the new stole, out to dinner with my guys;)

black dress- black stole and silver swan- that's a date;)

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