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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A most sincere pumpkin patch, found....



To find the perfect pumpkin.

Problem? To whose description of "perfect" must one subscribe?

Our family is as opinionated about pumpkins as it is about everything else. So a Pumpkin must be found for each member- to meet their specific requirements. (I did not,however find one without guts... I hate the smell of pumpkin guts)


First- we had to find a great pumpkin farm.

Done. Within a mile of home- and u-pick;)

mission pumpkin accomplishedNext is the search....

Short round fat pumpkins? Tall pumpkins for big grins?

Tiny pumpkins for tiny people? White pumpkins? Smooth or bumpy pumpys?

We managed to find one for each of us- and pretty much covered the pumpkin preference bases;)

porchJust have to fend off the pumpkin smashing hoodlums for a few days and we'll be set.

Well- except for the whole gutting thing....I'll wait till the last minute for that;)

Now to find a copy of "The Pumpkin Patch Parable"

And try to convince Noah to dress as something I am capable of costuming...... that should be fun.

How bout a bag of leaves?

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