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Thursday, November 01, 2007


punkin gridHalloween is a bit controversial- I know- if you want to read a bit of my persepctive on it- you can visit my last post at Laced with Grace .

Although things are festive- they don't get too scary around here- with the exception of my personal re-enactment of the prom scene from "Carrie".

I died my roots. As you may have guessed by now- I am not exactly a natural redhead. EVERY single time I am in the shower rinsing out the burgundy goopy dye--- I think about the prom scene......gross.

That was random- sorry- too much sugar.

Wonder if I can balance that out with caffeine?

For dinner- The older men had Sushi- that's too scary for me. I passed and had grocery store middleastern food;) Tabbouleh, hummous, pita and falafel. ;)

Noah was his traditional "Spiderman" I asked him if he was sure he wanted to be spiderman AGAIN this year- and he said - "Mom, I AM Spiderman." Enough said.

The second most scary thing about Halloween around here- is Pumpkin carving. Mostly because of the smell. An interesting (or not so much) tid-bit about me- is that since a nose job at 16- I don't really have much of a sense of smell.... but Pumpkin guts? That, I can smell. AND I HATE IT. Instead of actually carving- I read this book aloud- The Pumpkin Gospel. It glows in the dark- So we also read it in the bathroom, with the door closed. (darkest place we could find) Umm- I suppose the boys/men around here- start their bathroom reading habits young.

I thought about wearing a clothespin on my nose- but that seemed a bit un-festive. So I was in charge of pictures. Daddy really came thru- Noah desperately wanted the "Pirate ship" Pumpkin... Which is usually WAY beyond our pumpkin skill set--- but Daddy took his time- and actually DID IT! Score another one for Dad.

The older two did finally get off of "Runescape" long enough to go out- (hey there is free candy involved- they aren't too old for that...) The oldest- wore his full camo hunt suit. ANd the Middle- was "The Guitar Hero" Complete with guitar.... because he IS the Guitar hero- Matt is unbelievable on that game. I, however- stink. BTW- Guitar Hero III? It well- it rocks.

While the rest play- Noah and I dance. That, we can do.

Noah has a bit of croup- so he didn'yt hit as many houses as he normally would... but he seems to be quite happy with his "haul."

Tomorrow I plan to post a tutoriAL FOR PLAnning your Mitered Square blanket--- stay tuned!

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