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Friday, June 23, 2006

Exciting news! Christian Women Online Blog Team.....

Christian Women Online- Announced a Team Blog, a few weeks ago, with open applications.... GUESS WHAT?????

Hee Hee.. They picked me. ;)

I'd like to thank the academy, the little (and not so little) people who live at my house and give me fodder for blogging, and of course, My Darling Husband......

Ok. Listen. This may be my only chance to give an acceptance speech. Let me have my moment, will ya?

Anyway- I've already put up my first Post "Confessions of a Labeling Label Hater", you can view it by clicking the title, to this entry.

I'm excited to be able to blog with such a great group of women, and really feel honored to be chosen. Let's face it, when you put stuff out there-online, you hope it means something to someone!

No worries- though- this blog will remain the status quo for me. I'll just also be posting at the new blog about once a week.

Don't worry about the pride thing- God's got that one covered already-

Everytime I get a little puffed up with pride, over some opportunity that God opens up for me... I get some little reminder of humility. Like the time I was asked to speak at a group, got stuck in traffic, then rushed to fix my make-up in the car to "look like the professional I am" until I realized, that in my haste I had used black EYELINER to line my lips..... "Goth Momma" may be fine for some... but it's not the look I was going for.

I also remember the time I got my first "Business Cards" complete with fancy holder, and pridefully whipped out my cards to offer to someone- until I looked down and found "Mystery Goo" all over the card I had pulled out AND my fancy case..... ("Mystery goo" is our families term for goo that is naturally exuded through the finger tips of toddlers)

Not too impressive- to pass out goobered up business cards.

Anyway- I'm looking forward to connecting with other women through the team blog- it's a NEW ADVENTURE! Gotta love that!

Dear Lord- I pray that you'd fill me with your Spirit, help me to write and speak in ways that encourage and challenge, I love you Lord- and acknowledge- that it's all about YOU, not me!amen!

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