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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Last week I sent a few packages out--- No, NOT Brownies;) for my secret pal exchange.... this weekend- I got some goodies, myself!

In the pic- you can see the great treats my Secret Pal 8 sent--- beautiful hand dyed fingering weight------ LOADS of it! I've been looking for yarn that reminds me of my favorite flowers--- PANSIES. I found some- IN MY MAILBOX! This it beautiful!

There is also some yummy soap and a cute- way cute for a mom in a house of MEN,loofa in the shape of a flower! :) They WON'T Touch this!

Finally- some Lorna's Laces in a great springy colorway!

WOW. Thanks so much SP*!

(If you're wondering WHAT SP8 is-- you can click the posts title---it's knitting gift exchange- check it out;- it's a lot of fun)

Today was a great day- I attended a Knitting Fundraiser- at Skeins on Main, in Rochester, MI. I met a number of great knitters- and had a great little "break";) For a good cause! The shop is great- atmosphere- and staff are wonderful- yarn selection is terrific- lots of extra's and needles- it's worth the drive.

Friday- I received another package- I also received a beautiful heathered purple skein of Cascade wool- from my One Skein Pal- I'll post a pic on monday--- blogger is strange with pics today...THNX!!!!!

I'm one pooped blogger, and am teaching in the morning- so gotta get some rest.

Dear Lord- Thanx for those that are blessing me with gifties and encouragement- please also bless those I'm gifting- I Love you Lord, and thank you for a nice restful day! amen.

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