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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lovely Lady...... TEA. ;) With 2 lumps- please

Sweet Afton Tea Roompansytea

Had a great and PACKED Ladies day Friday! My SIL (Missie) and I headed to downtown Plymouth, for "high Tea" at the Sweet Afton Tea Room.

Missie met me at my house- with GOODIES! (gotta love that! tape measures ummm 4!--- (smart alec-;) she read a post on my knack for losing them;) including one for Noah- who has measured everything in the house- at this point! But- there was also a very cute one , she made for me! red felt covered- with the cutest hand embroidery! Then there was the cutest little stack of hand covered match boxes EVER!

You should stop by her ETSY shop--- and check out her "wares" She's very talented- and you'll love her stitch markers and needle rolls too!

We got rolling- without much fuss-----were actually ontime (ish) for our lunch reservation.....until...

As per my norm..... we ran into a few bumps along the way...

Such as- this weekend is the HUGE Art in the Park affair... which meant parking was a night mare. We found a pay lot- (10$ well spent) but it was 1/4 mile from our problem- we had plenty to chit chat about .. and were having a great time... until 100 yards from the car- a lady called out to me from her car---" I think you're dragging something"

Anybody wanna take a guess as to WHAT I was dragging? Yes- YARN. From my poor "Amazing Lace" project! Missie kindly ran back and started winding it up---- it hadn't unraveled the project- it was just from the skein..... so I was fine.... we laughed... you had to see it---- burgundy lace weight----- streaming behind me, while I am totally clueless.......;) Classic.

We had a great lunch--- total girlie food- (I don't have many opportunities to do that!) Tea Sandwiches cucumber and curry, strawberry and cream cheese on cinnamon raisin, ham and roast beef.... then we had mini quice- Lorainne and somehting else- don't remember... then SCONES Apricot, Pecan, and a few others....(yum) with the best lemon curd, homemade starwberry preserves, clotted cream.....again I say YUM. Followed up with tiny tarts of a nice variety!

I sucked down (pinky up, of course) 2 pots of Earl Grey-- (was perfect-;)

The actual tea room, was, well, not as wonderful as I had envisioned... but fine, the service could have been better- but was fine... we had great conversation- and fun- so It was terrific!

Old Village Yarn Shop
Next we headed to the closest LYS- (Old Village Yarn Shop) Which has a serviceable selection (although Knit A-Round in Ann Arbor, is my favorite) where they surprised me by having in the new Knit Lites....... which are.. GET this--- knitting needles with LED lights in the tips! Perfect for knitting at the MOVIES... and HA HA around the campfire while I'm camping next week!!!!!!!

I picked up a pair for Missies Birthday "yarn-raiser" for Interim House, which you can learn more about here-----

Next we headed to :

IKEA- ikea Which I love- because I spent $50 and came home with 3 bags of stuff- gifts, stuff for the camper--- cute- and cheap- I'm all about that!

Friday, was a BUSY day!

Thanks to Missie- for a great day out---!

I DO have knitting updates for later--- but ttfn!

Dear Lord- thanks for bringing Missie into our family- she is such a great match for my brother- I pray that you'd bless their marriage- I also thank you for a nice day off- and minimal damage done to the house- while I left the guys home alone! I love you Lord- AMEN!

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