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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Saved, by my underwire. I've always wondered if they were ever really useful...

Caution: This is a GIRLFRIEND POST.

If you are a male and arrived here by" googling " bra, boob or anything similar, you'll want to click away. It's not THAT kind of post.

If you are a friend, and happen to be male- click away- and save us both the embarrassment.

If you're a girlfriend, put down your beverage- and get ready to laugh.

Are the men gone yet?

OK- First- I promise the picture is relevant. Besides- there will be no posting of bra pictures on my blog;)

Next- I know I may NEVER hear the end of this- but in light of my friends ribbing about knittng, and my constant goal of authenticity... I thought I'd share an embarrasing knitting moment.

OK, onto the show:

Everything started out fine. I was sitting on the couch, relaxed, knitting away on some socks......Something freaked me out- (I am so traumatized I don't remember WHAT it was, probably the boys fighting....) I dropped my knitting- and leaned forward, to jump up---

When I heard a "SNAP". and felt a sharp pain in my....well... in my bra area :(!

I looked down, to find my knitting needle snapped in three places! And poking into my bra! My mind flashed with a vision of the MOST humiliating ER visit of my life.....Over the hospital intercom.. I could already hear----not "CODE BLUE" in room 2, but" IMPALED BOOB, In ROOM 2!"

I could see my story ending up on some lame TV show... names changed for my privacy, of course...

Scene 1:
a woman walks in with her boob IMPALED- ACCIDENTLY, on a KNITTING needle.

Flash to the next scene....
The doctors are standing in the x-ray room, looking at the x-ray, wondering how to save the woman's life. In the show- the needle would have, of course have come precariously close to her heart.......It would require consultation after consultation......humiliation upon humiliation.... all, over a knitting injury. Leaving it would be dangerous--- (not to mention uncomfortable) Removing it, could be deadly......oh the horror!

Final scene---
Woman is recovering from her emergency Needlectomy, the camera zooms onto the doctors prescription pad.. where he (The Sarcastic Doctor-- there is one in EVERY Medical show) is writing her prescription for release...."NO KNITTING".

Fortunately, after a quick assessment- I realized- that yes- my underwire had saved me. There was no wound. Not even a mark, or bruise.

WHEW. My modesty was salvaged. (until I posted this;)

Maybe police officers should try underwire as a cheap replacement for kevlar. ;)

The bummer? Although GREATLY thankful that I was not harmed--- It WAS a set a Lantern Moon US #1 DPN's that I snapped. How sad. (it was NOT the project in the picture)

The moral of the story?

Never knit in the nude. ALWAYS wear your underwire, you never know, it could just SAVE YOUR LIFE! Mine did. (well... not REALLY)

PS this is an entirely ridiculous post.
I know this. ;) Just thought I'd give ya fodder for giggles, to brighten your day!

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