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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kool-aid Dyeing.......if it works for YARN... how bout carpet?

Kool-Aid- It's big again. Maybe not for drinking... but for dyeing yarn.

I've done kool-aid dyeing, it was fun. The problem with it, is making the dye color fast. In general, over time, it tends to fade.

Yet, somehow- when spilled on my living room floor? It's completely COLORFAST.

At the moment, I'm sitting on my couch. I'm keeping my head tipped back a bit, eyes cast up- just a I don't see the big pink and orange blobs of "juice" that have been spilled on my beige carpet. It's starting to look like modern art.

Koolaid, orange pop and other various beverage spill stains dot the carpet. My home has been customized, by our living in it. Somedays, it feels like three steps forward, two steps back.....

I use a carpet cleaner, like some, use a vacuum. To no avail.

Erma Bombeck said "Cleaning house with young children, is like shoveling snow, in the middle of a blizzard". I agree. Yet- I do want to manage my home in a way that it's clean, safe and comfortable. Extreme Carpet Cleaning, comes into play, here.

I've tried every carpet cleaning solution, from "Resolve" to "Spot Shot"..... Hot water, lots of steaming.... blah blah..... it has improved, (I guess) but the damage has been done.

This morning, I'm just wondering......maybe I should just give it up, pour 150 glasses of the deepest colored koolaid I can find all over the room, and create a new fad--- "Hand Painted Carpet" ?

Technically, it is handpainted, by my kids. ;)

I think, instead of carpet- we'll switch to pergo--- mopping would be easier than cleaning carpet stains, theoretically. (just wish it wasn't so EXPENSIVE)

Or- maybe I should start grounding people from life, if they bring beverages or food into the living room.....

I don't like it when things are stained- I used to freak out about these thing, but the truth is- my KIDS are more important than my THINGS. While I FEEL like killing them over this mess-I won't, because- really, I love them more than carpet. (Theres a quote for the scrapbook!)

PS Interestingly enough--- the ads for carpet cleaning supplies, always show spilled WINE... never have seen an ad that says it removes KOOLAID! Just sayin!

Dear Lord- help me to maintain my home in a way that honors you- clean enough to be safe and a good steward, messy enough, to be comfortable, please help me not to kill my kids, when they trash the place! I love you Lord, amen

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