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Friday, July 28, 2006

SO do I still knit, or WHAT?

Since I was dragging yarn around the mall on my "Girls Night Out" Last night... I suppose the answer would be . YES;)

I suppose I have avoided posting knitting content, for 2 reasons.

1) Because I am in a knitting Quandry.

2) Because I have sunk to a new knit-addictive low- (or high-based on your perspective;)

Let me explain:

First the quandry. In the pic you can see a lovely (if I do say so myself) sock- in Claudia's Handpaint- Ingrid's Blues Colorway. The yarn is SOFT, the colors- perfect beach sky sand and water colors.... doesn't seem like a dilemma, or problem, does it?

Look CLOSELY. Please note the mismatched needles.

I think these socks are doomed. I first Broke a US #1 Lantern Moon needle. I happily found a Pattern that calls for 4 needles- The Hedera Pattern , I thought I had averted a problem.... started knitting away- when I LOST Needle #4. I replaced it with another wood needle- but it's a bit short- so I'm having trouble keeping the stitches on.

Fine. I'm a trooper- I can conquer this challenge. I keep going, then I try on the sock- and it's longer than I prefer.... but I figure--- It's ok- I can deal with it..... until I notice that the ball of pretty yarn is NO WHERE Near enough to complete the SOCK.

Disgusted. I put it in the knitting bag- in time out. I'll start another sock on matching needles from the other ball of yarn before I frog that one. I HATE ripping out work. Such a waste.

Question? Hmmmmm for the LIFE of ME I cannot decide how to rip this sock out. I will probably start from the outside of the ball- put it on the winder- then work to the center and pull from the sock. PITB (Pain in the putt) If you have a beeter suggestion for frogging---- let me know.

Next reason (excuse) for not posting knitting content? See the pretty knit swirl objects? Yes- they are DISHCLOTHS. (Washclothes, actually) I cannot even believe I have knit them. I am a bargain mavin- and am totally aware that I can buy dishclothes and washclothes at the DOLLAR STORE.... but aren't these cute? All Pinwheelie and prettiful???????

Told you- another level of knitting addiction. ;) (Actually- these are all gifts- they'll be wrapped around bath bombs and presented with love.... so THERE! ;)

In the Pic is a quick pair of Sassy Stripes Sockies..... Easy and cute.

And On the wheel- I'm still spinning the natural colored Alpaca. Pretty and soft- but I'm slow at spinning the slippery fibers. I have something special planned for it when it's done though!

So that's my confession-----Yes I'm knitting...

Oh... and don't ask about my Amazing Lace Project--- i'm afraid of the BORDER, so I'm practicing AVOIDANCE.

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