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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Indebted to Dermabond

Mom was making milkshakes on that hot afternoon. Dad? He and the little guy had just come in from playing soccer. was loading on Daddys laptop they were about to play ridiculous internet games.....then "IT" happened.

Noah started to do his happy dance (he's ALWAYS dancing) just as he spun into the kitchen, his head met the corner of the cabinet, the cabinet was not dancing.

There was the heartstopping "thud" that causes moms to hold their breath and wait for the cry, then run to evaluate the damage.

Noah is the third boy, we don't panic when it comes to bloody head wounds. "They always bleed alot." (How many times have I heard that? More than I care to remember.) This one was perfectly shaped like the corner of the cabinet, and deep-so after cold compression to stop the bleeding- and a sip of his vanilla shake-for strength, (ummm Mom and Noah both needed a sip:) We headed out to the Urgent Care Center.

That's where I became forever indebted to Dermabond. Derma-group2-1

I do not "do" needles well. I tend to faint. And I cry. When it comes to stitches- that's Daddy's arena. He's the strong loving "holder" and attention diverter- while mommy tries not to cry and make it worse. However-this gash proved to be treatable with Dermabond.

Instead of the classic tag team, wrestle and suture match between preschooler, parent and Doctor, where the result is a full grown (very full grown in our case) Daddy's pinning a preschooler to the mat and holding him down for however long it takes the Doctor to sew up the damage. This time, the nurse asked distracting questions- the Doctor broke out the Super Glue and Dad helped where needed. Mom was safely within view, at the foot of the bed- where she would not passout, and where here tears wouldn't be noticed. Whew.

WOW. What a difference a decade or so makes! The trauma was minimized. Noah is good to go.

Mom, however? She needs a good cup of coffee, a bit of mindless knitting and maybe a nap. Or a Napoleon Dynamite type stupid yet funny movie. Dad will recover when Mom does.

Good thing dinner was already in the crock pot!

This was after spending last night driving back and forth to DH's stranded dead car- arranging for a tow, and then being hit with nearly $1000 tab for a repair that won't be ready until later this week.

My vacation? It will be in the form of a fuel pump for the Aurora. Grand.

Some days are just like this. There is blood, tears, chaos and unexpected junk.

But- I'm thankful.
I'm thankful we have insurance to cover the Doctor.
I'm THANKFUL for Dermabond. (It's a magical wonder if you ask me!... although when I see the bill and they charge me $500 or something ridiculous for super glueing his head- we'll see how I feel...;)
I'm thankful for DH's job- that will (eventually) pay off all this mess.
I'm thankful for having 2 cars. (We can still do what we need to without Dad's car)
I'm thankful that DH was here when this injury occured. I hate doing this stuff by myself.
I'm thankful the big boys are old enough to be left at home when a run to the emergency room is necessary..(arranging care for the non-injured was such a hassle- when they were younger)
I'm thankful.......well- I'm just thankful, that regardless of what kind of chaos, calamity or trauma we face- God is with us---- I would NOT want to go through this "extreme mothering" thing without Him!

Dear Lord- I love you- I thank you for my Guys- and for being with us today, I thank you for your provision, and your tender loving care, I pray that you'd continue to heal Noah's head, and help us all to get some rest- I love you Lord- Amen!

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