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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A pox is upon us!

Sharing viruses, with love- one family member at a time.
So far:
One down and recovering from a random throat infection.
One down with Strep. (The daddy- NOT a good thing)
One stricken with sinus infection then bout of stomache issues.... (that would be me- yuk- slowly getting better)
So the score?
3 down-2 to go........I wonder where the spinning wheel of virus fortune will land? The little one? (Who's sick of watching videos while people recuperate) The middle one? Who is usually our harbinger of viruses?????
Hmmm never know- the fickle finger of viral fate could point in any for now- I'm heading out to stock up on chicken soup and tea....and hand sanitizer- and clorox. ;)
Dear Lord- I pray for healing and protection for my family- help us to rest and recover while managing to function.... amen

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