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Friday, November 02, 2007

DPN Holder To beat all!

Knitzi I take knitting with me EVERYWHERE. In the car- to the store...the mall... everywhere.

Knitters know, the best travel knitting is small, portable and with a pattern that can be memorized. Socks, are perfect. Except for the DPN's poking through your bag and getting snapped in transit.

No more. This morning, on Ravelry- I found a new product made right here, in Michigan. The Knitzi. It's handmade from Great Lakes hardwood. each end simply screws on and off- a slit in the side keeps the knitting and the DPNs perfectly safe inside. No more snapped needles. I also ordered the Knitzi bag- which perfectly holds my knit in progress and knitzi- perfect for putting in my purse or knitting bag.

I have used other types of DPN holders. Elastic one with plastic caps- fine, but, I've also had them pop off while in my bag- resulting in lost and broken needles. The elastic has also lost it's stretch....

My new knitzi is quality. Hand finished- smooth and light. Available in loads of sizes and more styles are in the works.... I'll be popping in their site to pick up a few more- I have an SP who'll be needing one of these in her reveal pkg;)!

OK- I'm not affiliated or anything..... I'm just happy as could be with a new and innovative product- produced right here in Michigan! Besides- they kindly upgraded me to "pony express": shipping and a few hours after placing the order- my Knitzi was delivered to my front door! Turns out they are located within just a few miles of my house;)

I'm always impressed when an order I place online arrives within a week... this was remarkable;)

Go ahead- pop over for a visit--- you'll love them;)

And here's a bonus- a beautiful FREE sock pattern! Twinkleberries It's your gift for stopping by their site!

I'm sensing Twinkleberrry socks for Christmas!

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