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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knit Picks Options... a rave review;)

Knit Picksknitpicks review 001

Yarn, that inexpensive, couldn't be good.... could it?


Better yet, they now have their own line of needles "Knit Picks Options" A complete and customizable set of circular needles.

First- I recieved my order within 24 hours. (yes, I expedited shipping- but THAT was FAST)

Next the needles arrived, complete- and perfect. The needles are in sizes 4-11 with 2 different sized cables to vary length. You also recieve cable end caps- to enable you to knit "straight" .

The needle tips have long screws, and the addition of a "cable key" to tighten /adjust the join even further. The Tips are nickle plated brass- slick and nicely weighted. They feel durable, comfortable and luxurious. These don't feel like "discount needles".

The needle tips are smooth as glass. The joins are slick. The cables remain flexible without coiling like a spring. Perfect.

I decided to put these puppies to the "join test" I am working in Knit Picks Lace Weight (Shadow- Merino wool) for my "Amazing Lace Project".........

They picture shows it all. I am using US #5's with Lace Weight.

Even the thin lace weight DOES not CATCH in the join.

The tips are fine and sharp enough to increase and decrease easily in the lace weight.

Finally, circ's that work for LACE!!!!!

As the icing on the Knit Picks Options Cake?--- the Needle organizer (case) is perfect- size is great for your knitting bag, (I'm going on a trip- this will be coming with me) The Case is nicer in person than it looks on the website;) A great surprise!knitpicks review 003knitpicks review 004

Knit Picks, Bravo. Job well done.

Alright Knitters- Order now- before they are backordered.

Knit on! ;)

knitpicks review 007

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