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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Re-entry Burn.

This is where I was:

I am now home. I love HOME. But- I gotta admit, returning home afer vacation, feels a bit like a re-entry burn, for the "Discovery Shuttle".

The Camping trip was wonderful. Just enough rain to visit "Cereal City" (wouldn't invest a SUNNY dau in it, but didn't want to miss Tony The Tiger)

A beautiful beach, friends and family.

A Moonlit Luau, campfires, and "Guitar Hero" outdoors. (though, I have yet to decide if it shoud ever be played in's amazing how COOL adult men think they look, while playing a plastic guitar. We shall not mention the woman in my home who plays "I Love Rock N Roll" Yes, its a loser song but it's MINE!)

Time to read, time to knit, time to laugh, time to just SIT.

And then, it was over. WAY TOO SOON.

And so- the Burn began.

I've posted about the "re-entry burn" over on the Christian Women Online Blog... please click over and have a read!

More tomorrow!

ps..... tee hee I LOOK like I am knitting on the float, but, alas, I am not- I believe I was adjusting my headband;)

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