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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Go ahead.... pick me a new haircut! COMMENT CONTEST

Everyone is on the mend...(or we're still awaiting the next round of illnesses)

And, I've decided I hate my head. (Well, my HAIR, specifically)

I checked the calendar, and yes I am probably a bit hormonal... but have been sick of it for a while now. I have an appointment tomorrow at noon. I found a website where you can upload your pic and try-on various hair cute- colors and so on. Virtual Makeover (A Grand way to waste time while the dishwasher and washing machine are running)

I need your help. Leave a conmment,choosing a style (options are numbered 1-5 you can click to enlarge- the one marked "A" is close to what I have currently) GO ahead- tell me why you like the one you choose. (The stupid piece of hair sticking out at the bottom rt.... is my own. It wouldn't cooperate;)

Remember, the color and highlighting don't count... just the cut...(as per the norm, I'm too cheap to let the salon do my color- Ill do that myself after it's cut.....will probably buy what's on sale.)

 haircut [pic 002

What they hey...... we'll make it a contest! If you leave a comment with a suggestion- I'll enter you into a drawing for a knitted giftie;) Contest will close at 9:00 a.m Tomorrow- March 1st.

Results (and haircut pic) will be posted after I get home tomorrow;)

(PS the higher the number of coments- the better the prize will be! So send people over to vote! I you link, I'll enter you twice!)


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