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Friday, March 02, 2007

On Partially (or completely) Decapitated Mannequins with Nipples....


When did it happen? When did every mannequin at the mall sprout nipples? WHY did it happen? Where did the mannequin faces go? WHY do they only have half (or fully) decapitated heads and anatomically correct torsos?

Did I miss something? Was there a political uproar? Was there feminist outrage....?

I must have missed the mannequin sales flyer.....did you recieve it? Did it read something like this?

Dear Sex driven Sales World:

In an effort to continue helping you sell your products (whatever they may be- including dushwashers) with sex, we've decided to offer you new mannequins to place in every store and shop window at the mall. This is not a new marketing tactic, but one we've recently greatly improved upon.

We've improved our product by adding a new patented, and sure fire marketing winner:

Decapitated Mannequins with Nipples.

As women are indeed, only sexual objects and not truly human beings to be respected and cherished, we've decided to cut costs by slashing our investment on the heads and faces of our mannequins, and invest the money elsewhere. Where it counts.

On life-like nipples.

Nipples, sell people. Nipples, sell.

So, we hope you appreciate our new marketing efforts. We are sure you'll see you're bottom line improve as you increase the number of nipples viewable in your store windows. If you need more than those included in your recent order---- just let us know- we'll make more. If you'd like to save even more money- you may retrofit your current mannequins by removing their heads, and adding our new "pastie nipples" for mannequins.

Yours- with hopes for increases sales at any moral cost-

the marketing gurus that be

As a woman- I don't appreciate nipples being used as a marketing strategy. I seriously doubt they add to the "authenticity" or "realistic" appearance of mannequins.... only to their further sexualization....

As a mom of teen boys- I do not appreciate the mannequin model porn now positioned in most store windows....

And I have a simple solution that doesn't require replacement of these new wonder-mannequins...

How bout putting bras on those puppies? With the exception of some stars in tabloids... most real women actually WEAR them.

End of rant. for now

I suppose- if this bothers you as much as it does me... you could send a letter-email to the stores headquarters that you find most offensive... just google the store name- and find the contact information on most corporate websites....

Dear Lord-

First- I pray that you'd help me to remain sensitive to modesty. Help me to navigate the line between attractive and stylish without crossing over to immodest. I also pray that you'd help my guys navigate their way through a sexually charged world... one full of nippled mannequins and tatooed butt cleavage, visible everywhere, while still honoring you.

And Lord--- those mannequins at the mall? How bout making the nipples fall of? That would be pretty funny--- I must say. You're own guerilla marketing campaign against immodesty.....maybe not... I love you Lord- amen.

There are nipple-less mannequins available.....

as shown in the pics;) they are available here where I got the pic. However- there are also mannequins there to make the ones at VS envious, so only click with a strong warning.

PS--- hmmmmm for those who visited today by googling "nipples" not sure what to say- a mom's gotta rant on occasion- and today was it.

PPS: Haircut update delayed on account of rant--- but for the short of it I ended up with a hybrid;) Depending on styling option chosen- it's somewhere between 1 and 3;)

pic forthcoming;) and winer to be announced when pic is posted.


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