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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pancakes, pity and Knitty.......

pancake magicThe boy's face is healing. Unfortunately- the bruises look worse before they get better. It doesn't show well in the pic--- but let's just say, that in the battle with the coffee table- my little warrior was not triumphant.

No worries- he's certainly workin' the pity factor. I can barely look at him without feeling bad and like I should fix this boo-boo face- he is assured of pretty much whatever he wants. And he knows it.

Today- it was pancakes. "'N butter and syrup". He also wanted them to be "famous" and put on the blog. Hence the pancake post.

Yes- it made him feel better. He admits his face doesn't actually HURT, unless he pokes it. Stinker. Cute stinker, but stinker, just the same. chevron

As we are currently awaiting diminished bruising and swelling- a lot of knitting is getting done. I "Accidently" cast on another chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

It's an experiment in yellow. I don't like yellow. But- I do like black..... so we're workin a bee/tiger thing here. It's a special gift for someone;) I'm using the Debbie Mumm Traditions Yarn available at Joann's. Using a US size 6 needle on this. Turning out quite nice.

More soon;) After the swelling goes down.

And the pity factor wears off. ;)

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