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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random Updates

updatesThings are busy here. The graduate is filling out job applications. The parents are cleaning for the party.

There are tomatoes and peppers growing in the yard. (That is a I hate dirt- with the exception of sand;)

I have sold of loads of excess yarn- and in return- bought the bestest mixer I've ever owned;) A refurbished Kitchenaid.. and yes- they really are that wonderful;)

The slow food movement and locally grown adventure has continued with a quick side-track for chinese last night to round out our "Kung-Fu Panda" theme night. (I t really HAD to be done) Movie was cute.

There has been continued knitting- I finished up my Shetland Shawl , in Sundara's Silky Aran- which I cannot recommend highly enough. I've cast on for a variation on the Birch Shawl- this one is point up- so much less aggravating than castin on hundreds of stitches:) With the added bonus of the ability to stop when ever I am sick of it;) Yes- I am probably the last knitter on earth to knit the Birch- but- I am like that- we know this.

Tomorrow will be a mixed bag of emotions as the oldest graduates.... for now- I'm just trying to figure out what to wear that will coordinate with running waterproof mascara. (I think I could cry that much- let's just say we are experiencing the "perfect storm" hormones + life change + child's life change= buckets of tears. Even Maybelline can only hold upto so much:) I may have to cry the ugly cry before hand- just to get it out of the way.

Also- there is nothing like planning to invite everyone you know to your home to make you realize how shabby things can become in 9 years of living in a house...the carpet- the bumps and bangs in the walls... but- then- it's been lived in with love and memories.. (I'm telling myself) so we'll just enjoy it:) (and pray for a nice day so folks can enjoy the yard.

More later- when I can think of something beyond pomp and circumstance;)

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