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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For about as long as you can hold your breath.....

Wonder if you can be a Christian without prayer? If your want to hear my take on todays CWO's In Other Words Martin Luther Quote- Click over to the team devotional blog:

Laced With Grace

For those here from the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY--- you can scroll down to see my intro post;) Thnx for coming by!

banner blog party

Knitting update....

I started a sweater:

Central Park Hoodie- Knit Scene Fall 06
Joined the KAL
I have the back, and left front finished- working on the right front--- had to rip back... messed up my measuring for the top shaping....yuk :( (Ella Mae worsted- a periwinkle blue color) Knit picks options #5 for ribbing #7 for rest of knitting)

central park hoodie

And also inished a pair of Jaywalkers They are in Austemann Step on Knit Picks DPN's US #1's

central park hoodie 002

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