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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party! Hi and Welcome!

Did I mention I like water????? welcome to the party!

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For more info - or to join the party... click HERE;)

So, now you're here. But where are you really? You've popped into my virtual livingroom. There are a couple of teenaged sons plopped on the couch. (They are irritated their computer time is up for the day.) There is a 5 year old son, jumping on the chair in the corner. (It's cheaper than buying a trampoline;)

I'm sitting in "my spot" on the couch. There is a pile of books on the table next to me, I'm a freakish reader. There is also a pile of knitting. (I tend to be obessesive about my interests!) Next to my knitting is a half full- and mostly cold cup of coffee. (A gurls gotta have her caffeine.)

My DH is working on his laptop, (he's a busy guy). He's also the best husband evah. ;)

Strangely, on the back of the couch, where one would typically find the family cat perched, you see a rather obese beagle. That's Sami, She's cute--- but confused or crazy, we're not sure which. There is also a long haired white and tan cat- Cappucino- he's disgusted by the confused dog. The final pet- another cat- is upstairs hiding, it's not dark yet and she seems to think she's a vampire. (Tends to bite in love and only comes out at night.)

Interesting things happen around here:

1) Maple syrup has been found in puddles on the kitchen floor. (That was a one time event;)

2) The cat box was once used as a makeshift sand box- (WITHOUT Moms approval) and to break in a new Tonka truck) Can you say CLOROX Bath?

3) Politics and Blues Clues are often discussed in tandem at the dinner table.

Things that may interest you, about me:

1) I was once stabbed through the hand. (OOOPS NEVER pry brownies out of the pan with a knife)

2) I have been:

A waitress

A preschool teacher

A pastoral counselor

3) My hair is a chameleon--- it changes color every month.... (gee wonder how THAT happens?)

4) I absolutely Love God and am dedicated to getting to know Him better- and share the things I learn about Him, with others. (through writing , speaking and teaching)

5) I have been involved in Leadership with MOPS International for about 17 years!
6) On Tuesdays I write for the awesome team devotional blog: Laced with Grace

Scroll down- and visit the archive- I like to blog at the speed of life!

Leave a comment- so I can visit you!

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