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Friday, June 29, 2007

I don't know WHAT I'm knitting. Seriously. It's Mystery Stole #3--- and I have chart #1 complete!

The colors of my sunset- 6/28/2007
To which Noah said "Nice job painting, God!"
We all said- "amen"

On to knitting:

Mystery Stole #3 has been cast on. This may be the weirdest knitting thing I have no idea what this will look like when it's finished. Each week- (On Friday) a new "clue" (chart and or knitting pattern) is posted. You simply knit as told and find out later what you've knit

See? Told you Weird. But fun;)

And, as I've chosen black "Alpaca With A Twist" (alpaca silk blend- actually from my stash- no $) yarn, and am knitting on Addi Lace needles (Size 6... mostly because that's what I have)... I figure I can't go wrong.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Death by spreading yews and bee-stings- - Alternatively: " Why I hate yard work, as much as it hates me."


"Mom! There's a bee." Yelled Noah, from his safe spot on the porch.

"It won't bother you, if you don't bother it.. now get over here and put these clippings in the bag!" I yell- in full on psycho, yard work- woman tone.

Noah doesn't budge. I yank more weeds and yews.

ZZZZZAAAAAPPPPPP! The electric pain of a bee sting hits my right shoulder like a shorted fuse.

"OWWWWW!!!!" I yell- like a psycho-bee-stung woman running across the front yard swiping at my shoulder and sure I am being followed by a batallion of ballistic bees. I run for Noah's safe spot on the porch. (I'm pretty sure they can't get into the house) I do this screaming psycho dance across the yard with absolutely NO regard for how much like an idiot I must look running and flailing in my purple garden gloves while the neighbors lawn-guys watch.

"Get in the house!" I yell and sweep up the baffled boy- then wriggle throught the front door without letting the bad-beagle escape or the ballistic bees in.

Apparently I was bothering that particular bee.

And THAT is how the story of trying to help with the yard work ends. I'm DONE. I quit. No more yard work for me. Just ice and maybe yarn, and chocolate and iced-tea. That's my plan for the rest of the day. So there.

PS- bee stings HURT! And yes, Noah told me so. I know. I know.

PPS- it's amazing how much one small bee-sting can swell. Anybody got any home remedies to ease the pain n swelling? Whole stupid shoulder hurts.
This mornings post:

There is a problem in my yard. (Well- aside from doggy deposits)

Our narcissistic bushes, seem to desire flower bed domination. Possibly domination of the known universe.

They will be defeated. I am armed. I shall conquer. I think.

These are my very stylish purple and leather garden gloves.

Not as lovely as my black satin opera length gloves- but much more functional. + purple is always good.

They are currently embellished with the dirt that would be under my nails, had I not worn them. HATE that. Did mention that I DETEST yard work? Purple gloves or not- I still do.

The question is, Will I finish, what I started?

Well- maybe. I spent 2 hours in the on again off again thurnderstorms yesterday, battling against the evil spreading yews. I didn't make much progress. As you can see- I only got about 1/4 OF THE WAY DONE. crap.

Something pretty to distract you from my yew defeated loserness-

My morning visitor- to the doorwall. A potential ally. Although, I think it p**ped on the doorframe. Probably a spy.

Pretty, though. See?

Apparently- the Hostas have joined the fray. I am disappointed in them. They actually grow back each year- so I thought they were on my side. They- however are part of the rebellion. The Hosta's I think, are a new "family" in organized crime. They infiltrate and spread, much like drugs and crime. (And bad haircuts- I might add) I have no allies in the yard. Only Enemies. Granted- some of them are pretty.

You can click the flower bed pic to enlarge. As you can see- these nasty, spreading, killer yews have managed to take over the entire bed. Leaving room only for weeds, grass, ant nests and miscellaneous biting bugs.

(Biting bugs: also NOT on my side. I was bitten in places that should NOT be bitten.)

My method has been to trace the shoots (runners, whatever) to their source- then clip them with my trusty bypass pruners. I then yank the suckers out of the ground and pile them for my clean-up crew. I will leave the digging up of roots to the man whom may kill me for digging in his yard.

Fleeting thoughts of death by shrub strangulation, crossed my mind all afternoon. Then I thought of news stories of lightning and trees. I went inside to shower.

Today, the lawnguy comes to cut the grass...... I wonder if he'd finish this mess? He'll probably be cheaper than paying my boys.

I'm going to knit. Or get my nails done to counter the attack. AFTER, I make some more progress in the yard.

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours- call chemlawn, the closest lawn service and my family- tell them- (in this order) spray and kill everything left living in the yard- chop out the roots- and I loved them enough to die in the yard.

PS - please cremate me- I don't want to be put in the DIRT! Sprinkle me over a large body of water- I like marine life much better than dirt.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

wordless wednesday- summer tomatoes


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

backyard campfire and quasi movie nazis- or "How to get busted for knitting in public"

This is where my family can be found, just about every night around 9:30 p.m. Gathered around one of DH's Fathers day gifts.

I'm not quite sure whether it's a family togetherness thing... or a pyro mentoring thing... but- either way when you have 3 boys... you roll with it. (Or light it up... I should say;)

While my men circle the fire and compete for marshmallow toasting pefection, I sit, and well... any guesses?

Yeah, KNIT;)

Tonight, I'll be using these:

yarn ravelry 031

Knit Lites. Yeah. As far as needles go- functional, but, not exactly stellar. However- for LIGHTSABERS... pretty sweet. You can ask Noah. I bought them ( in the new 10" length) for movie knitting. (Saw Evan Almighty- Sunday- nothing to build a theology around- but we all loved it. And it's hard to find a movie that my teens like- the little guys will sit through and won't put my husband and I to sleep) They worked a little too well.

Wanna hear your teens actually LOL? Buy these needles. Take them to the movies. Light-em up and start knitting. After about 4 minutes, and right smack dab in the middle of a row- a pubescent movie nazi will shine HIS light (much brighter) in your face and politely ask you to douse your 'sabers. End of movie knitting- cue the teenagers laughing. "Mom got busted! mom got busted!" Yeah the laughs were between chants. I clicked them off. Was just trying to knit.. Didn't want to ruin anyone else's movie night.

There are no knitting/movie nazis.....(well- except for me) around my backyard campfire. So there.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well. Maybe not. And Ravelry revelrie (I know.. I spelled it wrong....)

Just a fly-by blog update.

My post is up at "Laced With Grace" Find out what find out about one-sided hide and seek.

Prayer request:

My Grandma is in the hospital, chest pains abnormal EKG after a diagnostic thing... I found out "through the grapevine" (complicated, complicated) please pray for her and for the family. (my complicated, complicated family)

Knitting... another Chevron.... oh my word I'm SO the daughter of a recovering addict.
At least its chevrons.. could be worse. Fleece Artist Seawool (lt pink) and Kigu KPPPM darker pink variegate. YUM. Better pic later- was updating stash for Ravelry taking loads of pics... when the sun met with a cloud collision;) just as I was taking this one.
Don't forget soltrcy on ravelry. Oh, did I mention I got my invite for RAVELRY????

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

wordless wednesday "Attitude"

More tomorrow- nearly done "catching up"
(Which will end my self imposed internet grounding)
For now- I give you "Attitude"
It's a look I see nearly every day- for one reason or NONE;)
Wonder where he could have picked this one up at?????
Ps : rec'd my ravelry invite! squee!
look for me- (my knitting anyway;) soltrcy


Friday, June 15, 2007

Arachnids, wool moths and knit freakness. In which I spend 10 minutes avoiding my laundry.

While searching for my darning finish up a knitting project (shut up- you can't ever find one either) I opened up a knit bag I haven't used in a while. (hoping a long lost needle may be hiding there. There was.)

Inside, I also found a tiny, tumorous mass of white stringy ripped as I opened the bag....tiny white eggs fell out. I had visions of marching off to buy a deep-freezer big enough to hold my whole yarn stash....(we're way past the freezer above the fridge size) I envisioned hours of shaking and beating....freezing and tossing.... (The time honored method of moth-egg removal from yarn).

Then, I spied a nasty, huge SPIDER running over to bite me (and probably kill me or harm my knitting hand, I'm sure.) Instead of my typical "KILL IT NOW, don't ask questions!" response to spiders... I was relieved. Thrilled, actually. That it was a spider, and not a moth.

Apparently knitting has cured my fear of spiders. However, I have developed a rampant, replacement fear of MOTHS!

PS- no worries- my Dyson made short order of the knitbag invader. Although I think I'll have my teen son empty it's dust bin!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

chevron scarf. Scarves. SCARVES..

Knitting in short time increments, can still result in finished objects.


Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Yarn- Rio De La Plata sock wt in "Harbour Blue" Here-to-fore to be known as robin's eggs in the shade blue;)

And Lavold Silky wool... in a color as close to birds nest as I could find. Yes- again with the eggs and nest theme....this time in knit! I did it for the "Inspired by Nature Knit Along"


Chevron Scarf from Domesticat

Artyarns handpaint silk- "pink/orange" colorway and "olive green"

I also finished the other chevron in artyarns silk- no Finished objects pic.... it was a special gift. I needed to get in the mail...for someone I know online going thru treatment for brain cancer. (Please pray for the Pray for Heather button to the left for more of her story)

I have been on an internet hiatus- (more like a self imposed grounding) my habits around online time had just gotten out of hand... it's like going down a rabbit hole- a couple of hours go by in the blink of an eye. I'm also having even more (worse) e-mail problems... hate that.

Another bout of strep is also coursing through the house......looks like nice weather isn't going to the be cure. I REALLY HATE THAT. Last week it was the oldest- this week the little one.

I am beginning to wonder if there is a streptococcus mary (or mark) among us... could one of us be a carrier? Could it be the cats? They've been known to like the kitchen faucet. (which I then, of course have to disinfect every 30 minutes or so...)

And that is what's happening at my house.... how bout you? (End of incoherent update)

Non-knitters look away!

Quick. Knitters. Two of the Yarn Harlots books just became available on ITUNES! Yes---- listening to stories about knitting, while knitting! Fyi- Stephanie is both a fab knitter and excellant writer. Her writing draws you in, she is a writer and a knitter.... not a writer of knitting. I'm quite confident she could write on whatever topic she chose.

Booksellers- stop selling this woman as a knitting book signing- its a BOOK signing. That is all. Going to administer more ibuprophen.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, June 11, 2007

An experience with gentleness- behind the "shortbus"

Speed Limit:
45 mph
Current speed?
0 mph
Why? Because I'm sitting behind the short-bus. It has stopped every 35 feet along my entire route to Target. It's riders slowly depart. Over and over.
As friends have strongly suggested that knitting while driving is probably not a good idea... I'm. just. waiting. Noah and I sing along to the radio. (I forget that the sunroof is open, and I'm giving quite a show to anyone around to hear)
In an attempt to maintain my "Oh so cool" reputation. (Yeah, right) I stop singing, and I start to watch. We roll 35 more feet and I see a tall hoodlum standing at the roadside. His head is shaved. His jeans are black with curious white patches. (G-unit- I'm sure but are they bleach speckled or what? Not sure...) His shirt sports a picture that I can't describe here. I can (unfortunately) tell what brand of boxers he's wearing. (That much of them is showing) His sparkling head is adorned with a "bluetooth" headset. He's talking on the phone.
I assume he's "working." Whatever that means.
I wonder why on earth he's standing at the curb.
The bus rolls to a gentle stop.
A sweet faced ( and equally bald) widely grinning, young rider departs the bus. His hands are raised, waving wildly. He is so excited he can't control them. He shuffle steps to the edge of the first bus step. He nearly totters over from the weight of his overstuffed backpack. He is met at the step by the hoodlum.
The hoodlum gently reaches up and removes the backpack. He places it on his own strong back. He smiles with a warmth and love that is rare and full of joy. He takes the hand of the grinning boy- who is may be challenged, physically and cognitively but is clearly not challenged in the area of love. The hoodlum leads him home.
It is the most gentle act I have witnessed in...well, I don't know how long.
It makes me wonder so many things:
I wonder if an outsider would have seen the same scene when Christ found me....and removed my backpack of sin, guilt, shame....all the crap I was carrying, and gently led my spiritually challenged self home...
I wonder when the last time was, that I was that gentle?
I wonder if I could be that gentle.
I wonder how many times I've misjudged based on appearances?
I wonder if I had seen a father and son? A friend? A caregiver?
I wonder at gentleness being strength under control.
I wonder at the gentleness of God.
I sit in wonder until a horn sounds behind me....
Jolted back to reality, I realize the short bus is gone... I'm blocking traffic.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things
there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful
nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us
keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and
envying each other."
Galatians 5:22-26
I think, I saw a glimpse of Jesus- from behind the shortbus.
"Lord- I pray that you'd make me as gentle as the "hoodlum" I saw from behind the shortbus. I also pray that you'd bless them both for the love joy and gentleness they shpwed me. I am constantly amazed at your gentleness God- and your patience with my challenges. Thank you God- for taking my backpack and leading me home. I love you Lord- amen."

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Hibiscus in dew

(Click pic to enlarge.. the details are amazing! ) For more Wordless Wednesday pics visit the WW Home page!)

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


in the fullness of time.  but not now

I've always lived in a nest. Like a robin- I've had a number of them. My nest has had so many shapes. A tiny third floor apartment. That I bought croscill curtains for - so at least SOMETHING would be pretty against the walls with corners softened by so many layers of cheap paint.

A duplex with a basement. And a yard- where we planted a garden of dirt. (Nothing grew, but it was fun)

Another duplex with a deck- on a dirt road that had a few houses and a few industrial complexes. We eventually bought half of it (yes- half) on a land contract... it became the first place we actually "owned"....

A small house on a typical street with sidewalks and a basement. Sidewalks that made me cry. I desperately wanted someplace safe for my kids to be able to play and ride "bigwheels."

Finally- a nice place in a tiny cul-de-sac with trees, and sidewalks and plenty of space. A home that has experienced growth- both inside and out. And- as I've recently come to understand- a home that is quickly becoming a launching pad.

Every place we've lived has been special. But honestly, some have been places that were rough. They weren't all really places I wanted to raise kids... but they were places we were blessed to have... they were each. Home. Our nest. Regardless of what surrounded- or how loud, scary or rough the neighbors were....or how many huge trucks rambled through each day...(at a few places the police were often spotted) we nested. We made them ours. Outside there may have been rough twigs and branches- but inside? A soft down filled nest.

A nest that will, much too soon, become emptier.

The mail every day reminds me of this. Letters and packages from colleges arrive nearly daily. (they also make me wonder how we're gonna pay for 2 kids in college...) My oldest will be 18 in December. And- he wants to go away to school.

He wants to leave the nest.

He wants to fly. My words have returned to haunt he prepares to fly... I'm smacked with the act that this is what we've always been preparing for.... but now have to experience. Not in theory. But, in life.

I remember one of my very first (of way too many) arguments with my mother in law. It was over a parents role in the live of her children. (Oh I was soooo wise at 19 without kids) Her perspective was that you BE THERE or your kids forever- that they always need you. Which, in a way is true---- but even then- I knew she somehow had skewed. (Can you say rescuing?)

My perspective was- (and still is) that you spend your time preparing your kids to be independant. To care for themselves- be responsible. Sometimes this is done by being there- and sometimes by letting them learn the hard way. We fought.

I may even have yelled. (ummmm yeah, I'm pretty sure I did- I usually do when I'm passionate... which is well... mostly always!)

What I didn't know then...but am learning now... was how hard it would actually be!

I prayed that I'd be someday launching (sounds better than pushing from the nest) my kids. As men. And now it's nearly here. The oldest will go away to school, in just over a year. This all the youngest will be in school. the middle one will continue in high school- then... go to college as well.

My time with a nest full is ending.

I wonder what it will be like? I wonder if there are enough good memories of home... I wonder if I've said what needs to be said.... given enough love, enough discipline, been tough enough- soft enough....

In a way it feels like an hourglass has been flipped. The sand is running out. I feel like I'm losing something. But I also feel like the sand is running into the bottom of the glass- preparing to be turned on end, and start a whole new life.... for my guys my husband and me.

So. I've been nesting. Getting my house in order. Making sure the nest they leave is as safe- and wonderful as possible. Every time I clean their toilet... I feel different. I feel like there are only so many more times that I will have this opportunity.

It's like the nesting I experienced before each of them were born. Maybe, it's crazy. Maybe it's midlife. (ummm well- if it is, it could be much worse!) We've replaced creaky toilet seats... leaky faucets, fixed broken things, filled holes in walls.....replaced the dishwasher....I've been waxing the hardwood weekly.

Weird. My response to college prep and kindergarten prep--- is nesting.

Maybe, it's reverse nesting. Preparing the nest for flight. The argument with my MIL comes full circle- now it's my turn... they won't need me the same as they do now- and did in years past. It feels good- in a way... and yet, is sad. Frightening- and exciting. But still- like the sand is running out. It makes me pray for them more than ever. It makes me savor this time more than ever. It makes me trust God more than ever.... because-

I don't know the future. For me- or for them... but, I trust the one who does.

"Dear Jesus- as my guys continue to grow- to stretch their wings and prepare to fly- I pray that you will be the constant. I pray that you'll give them a flight path...that honors you- and more than anything- lies them closer to you... I love you lord- amen."

Also- today is Tuesday- my post is up at Laced with Grace! Stop by and find out about public nudity..... yeah- well kind of!

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Monday, June 04, 2007

A run in with reality. Literally. Supporting our Soldiers

Careening around the corner came a grocery cart with a toddler in the seat. Giggles met my ears long before I saw the them. Good thing- too, or I may not have made it out of the way! After jumping to a safe spot, I caught the eye of the "driver".

He was a handsome, clean cut- looking kid. He was also standing on the back of the cart (where I always forget things- the rack) and using it like a skateboard. Shoving off the ground with one foot and coasting around the corner. A grocery store move, I'm familiar with.

He had that "Big brother making little brother giggle till- he pee's his pants" kind of look on his face. I smiled a "I'm a mom, I'm not gonna kill you for nearly nailing me with a cart, cause you're playing with you're brother" smile. It's something I've seen my kid do a number of times.... (and yelled at him for each time.)

That's when my eyes also caught sight of what he was wearing. A uniform. Deep green..... army green. This kid-this big brother playing at the grocery store- kid who could be mine, was in the service.

My heart skipped a beat. Reality knocked the wind out of me. That kid could be mine. MY KID could be preparing to go into the service. How would I feel?

Walking a few paces behind- was the mom. Our eyes met. I smiled. A sisters in motherhood smile. That kid is hers. Over the weeks since this happened- I've prayed for them both. And for the little guy left behind. Missing his big brother.

Regardless of your political view--- I ask you to think about those kids. (Ok- those adults) Those moms, wives and families. The reserves- all of the ones serving our country. Right now.

They could be yours. They could be mine- in a way they are all of ours. Our soldiers.

Let's pray for them and support them.

Dear Lord- I pray especially for that soldier in the grocery store. That you'd be with him, where ever he is. And for his mom and family... that you'd be a comfort in their struggle. I pray for the war we are in.... God I pray for those who are dying. On both sides. I pray for the Muslim Mom- her whole family in so much danger. I pray for wise leadership- and I pray for an end to the war-- I love you Lord- and ask you to be near all those involved- amen.

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