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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fiber expo --- meet your inner alpaca

fiber expoI think, Noah is an alpaca. He seems to be in love. He spent most of the afternoon "humming" to alpaca's.

We went to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on Saturday. I picked up a few fibery goodies- including some BFL Roving--- which nearly spins itself. Nice.

There is also some alpaca yarn in a nice lt brown natural color.

The center pic is Briar Rose Sea Pearl. Yum. Not pictured is Briar Rose Earth Song.

The top center- is a new pair of slippers to be felted for Mr. I'm trying a new pattern- a bit simpler than the FT pattern- will review after felting.

The Blue is handpaint BFL and Merino blend- earmarked for a special project.

The Fiber expo was great. Not so big as to be totally overwhelming. Was able to hit every vendor- (I think) As close to rhinebeck as I'll ever get;)

Noah also loved the angora bunnies---- but no animals came home with us. Although SOMEONE in the car smelled a bit like an alpaca......

I seriously doubt the "association" would appreciate farm animals. Just sayin.

I'm hoping to have some handpun- and hand knit Christmas prezzies complete soon. ;)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fiber expo- just heard about it!

Fiber Expo- today- going now- just heard about it at Raverly......

see you there!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Theft. Stinks.

tom tom I ALWAYS lock my car. I am the one who nags my husband to lock his car. But- apparently- I messed up. Big time. I know what happened. The other night- on my way home from Target- The sunset was SPECTACULAR. ( you can see the pics if you scroll down) I ran into the house- grabbed the kids -they know i'm crazy- and the camera and ran upstairs to watch it together. In the commotion, I must have forgot to lock the truck.

Yesterday- when I went out to my car to go pick up groceries- I noticed my husband's Tom-Tom- (His Christmas gift from last year) was GONE. It had been on the dash board the night before. Stolen.

It's just a "thing" but it made me so angry. DH called the police- they will be by tonight to make a report. But- the bottom line? It's gone. Something special I bought for my hubby (who is hard to buy for like any man) is toast. I was (ok- I still AM) furious.

The anger- I expected. What I didn't expect- was the fear I felt later last night. I felt vulnerable. Afraid. Like maybe our neighborhood isn't as "safe" as I thought. I checked and double checked the window and door locks before bed. I turned on every light- inside and out.

This morning, I realized some people live in fear like this all the time. Their neighborhoods aren't safe. It isn't just an ocassional thing. It isn't just "stuff" being stolen, but real violations. real hurts. I can't imagine how hard that would be.

This morning- I'm calmer. I managed to pray for the person who stole the tom-tom. I keep thinking "what a dumb thing to do- what a dumb thing to be imprisoned for". In all probability it's a kid who wanted to make a few quick bucks. Totally not worth being arrested for. The police said there have been a few other cars broken into, other stuff stolen. Who ever is doing this- has done it more than once. Eventually, they will be caught.

I hope they stop. I hope they get some help. I hope they find out their life and freedom is worth so much more than "stuff." I hope they realize they are hurting people.

The tom- tom can be replaced. (besides- now I know what to buy him for Christmas this year). But freedom, lost can't be.

I feel so bad for this person- and for those who live in crime ridden areas.... will you pray for them with me?

"Dear Jesus- you know I am angry. I am hurt. But- God- this is just a thing- so totally not as valuable as the person who stole it. I pray that they'd learn their value in your eyes. That they wouldn't squander their life and freedom over "stuff". Lord- I pray that I wouldn't either. I may not steal, but God- you know the truth is I spend too much time worrying about, taking care of and cleaning- stuff. I guess I'm as guilty as anybody of wasting my life on stuff.

Help me to value people more than things- the way that you do. Jesus- I ask you to be with those who live with crime on a constant basis. I pray for them to have courage, and for protection. I pray for the police pfficers who confront crimes big and small, that you'd be with them and protect them, adn give them wisdom and courage. And- Lord- it would be nice if the police could get the stupid tom-tom back... I love you Lord- amen"

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 minutes of sunset

sunset collage

For more of today's pics visit:

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Secret Pal and knitting update;)

thuja socks

Hunting socks for my guys- big and small;)

Thuja pattern from knitty.

I used Moda Dea Washable wool-

Big socks- US #6's as per pattern

For the tiny socks- I used US 3's- cast on fewer stitches and knit to foot measurements- just use a multiple of 4- np.


Easy to adapt- and finished both pair in just a couple of days.

Now- they will be ready for Noah's first time out hunting with the big boys;)

(Daddy has taken them into the woods for the first time when they turned 5) May need to make a Noah hat with some more of this wool- and probably mittens too;) Can we really carry the matchy thing too far? I think not

sp 11All the gooodies this weekend were not for someone else;)

The happiest package arrived from my (new) SP 11!!!!

A gorgeous new journal - (love the tooling on the cover) and beautiful silk bend mystical creation lace-weight! There WAS chocolate... but well... there isn't anymore;)

There is also an adorable yarn ball/ knitting needles stitch marker- WAY cute- THNX so much! SP !!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A most sincere pumpkin patch, found....



To find the perfect pumpkin.

Problem? To whose description of "perfect" must one subscribe?

Our family is as opinionated about pumpkins as it is about everything else. So a Pumpkin must be found for each member- to meet their specific requirements. (I did not,however find one without guts... I hate the smell of pumpkin guts)


First- we had to find a great pumpkin farm.

Done. Within a mile of home- and u-pick;)

mission pumpkin accomplishedNext is the search....

Short round fat pumpkins? Tall pumpkins for big grins?

Tiny pumpkins for tiny people? White pumpkins? Smooth or bumpy pumpys?

We managed to find one for each of us- and pretty much covered the pumpkin preference bases;)

porchJust have to fend off the pumpkin smashing hoodlums for a few days and we'll be set.

Well- except for the whole gutting thing....I'll wait till the last minute for that;)

Now to find a copy of "The Pumpkin Patch Parable"

And try to convince Noah to dress as something I am capable of costuming...... that should be fun.

How bout a bag of leaves?

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Year of Living Biblically

year of living biblicallyI've been listening to this, this week. (gotta love audio books on my i-pod;) I found it Entertaining- and surprisingly, challenging.

So far- here are the questions that have risen from it:

1) I wonder if God thinks my attempts at holiness (following the Bible's teachings) are as silly as Jacob's often are in his book. I'm guessing the answer is sometimes "yes".

2) I wonder what following Jesus really looks like? (I keep thinking of Jesus washing Judas's feet this week...... )

3) Where is the line between "legalism" and honoring God by following...

4) I think it's interesting that Christian's keep a "Letterman's top 10" type list of sins.......Not the 10 commandments, but a heirarchical list of worst to minor sins..... While the Bible simply says all sin separates us from God. The size of the sin doesn't change the distance. We're all sinners. In need of forgiveness. I'm no better, or worse than anybody else.

5) I think this book is a great example of our desperate need for grace. There is NO way that we could daily track and live by every law that is listed in the Bible. That's kind of the point. We can't do it on our own- we need the relationship.

6) How can I follow more closely? Without losing sight of WHO it is I'm following? (When I get all legalistic-- I tend to forget all about Jesus... just being honest)

Here is where I'm camping out ;)

Galatians 3

Any thoughts?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fiber GodMother, THANK YOU! Mitered Squares blanket, Debbie Mumm "Traditions", and Pumpkin Pie "Thuja Socks"

fiber godmother goodies;)

Happy Mail! I participated in the "FiberGodmother" Swap- and wow! A box that must have made my mail-person cringe... it was HEAVY!

You can click through to flickr to see the descriptions- Suffice to say= YUMTASTIC! Gorgeous handpaint roving..reading materials beautiful and cute stitch markers..... CHOCOLATE... a Morsbag in an adorable sheepy print;) Dark chocolate peanut M & M's A wonderful pkg- thnx so much!

mitered squares Debbie Mumm Mitered Squares Blanket from "Mason Dixon Knitting" I'm using a new yarn- Debbie Mumm "Traditions" I found at JoAnn's Etc (the mega store).

Apparently- this yarn is tough to find- it's a Jo-Ann brand- and seems to only be available at the bigger stores) but I must have had a lucky day;)

My goal with this project is to make a "fall" inspired throw. The yarn's color changes are lovely, and they are blending well together. The yarn itself has a few "quirks" mostly due to the type of yarn, not the quality. It's a loosely spun wool plied around an acrylic core. Once in a while the wool "bunches up" and I have to smooth it out a bit with my hand. Not a big problem. There are also a few (2 or 3) knots in each ball- since I'm working in squares it doesn't bug me-however- if i were using it for a large- one piece project- it might.

I'd compare it to noro transitions ( and other various noro's) - minus the sticks and twigs. Also- big plus- this is only $5.99 a ball. Another plus- I like the tonal variant here- better than the multi colors.

I'm knitting this on US 6 bamboo needles and I like the fabric. I think I will be using the brown variegate for the mitered border..... But that's open to change.

thujathujathuja- DH

Pumpkin Pie Quickie Thuja's

US #6 DPN's (I'll go down when I make these again)

Moda Dea Washable Wool in Tangerine (Another nice surprise from JoAnn Etc)

These are "hunt socks" for my husband- thick- soft wool- to wear with his boots. At 2 1/2 days to knit- really- how can you beat that? What has taken me so long to knit this pattern?

Will be casting on at least 2 more pair- for my other hunters- and will work up a tiny pair for the little guy;)

Hmmm I may need some too;)

orange would be cute with my croc's for fall;)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Love, at 19....years of marriage.

When I say "Love"- what do you think of?

My first instinct is to think of elementary school Valentine's day parties. (No clue why) Which always reminds me of construction paper flowers, red and pink paper hearts and paper doilys. I remember carrying home those Valentine treasures- struggling to hold my umbrella to protect them from the rain and blowing my breath carefully and furiously to keep snowflakes from melting on the covers. I remember carefully written magic marker messages, dripping and streaking. I remember rain drops making tie-dye patterns in my hard work. I remember tears. I remember them placed lovingly on the fridge- raindrops and all. I remember elementary and parental Love.

I remember Jr High love. The drama the pain. The ridiculous thoughts and the stupid plans. I remember notes passed. I remember check boxes: "Do you like me? Check here for "Yes"- check here for "No"...." I remember insecurity... And I remember enjoying it all.

I remember love at 16 years old. It was hearts and flowers and palpitations and REALLY bad poetry. (Not just mine) It was stolen kisses and planning dates. It was going WAY out of my way between classes so I MIGHT get to see him....It was car dates and prom gowns. It was wonderful.

I remember love at 20 years old- it was getting ready for a wedding. It was flowers and cake and planning and dreaming. It was royal blue frosting up a nose on a honey moon drive. It was a walk on the beach then listening to the ocean on our honeymoon bed. It was wonderful.

I remember love at 21 years old- It was pregnancy and bedrest and struggles and laundry in piles...It was tears and fear and sharing them all. It was day dreaming together of what kind of parents we'd be. It was wonderful.

I remember love at 31. It was wedding vows renewed. Another gown, another cake....a (badly) sung song... it was our two son's standing beside us- our friends gathered- it was wonderful.

I remember love at 33- it was a surprise pregnancy, that changed our family and grew our love for each other. It was shuttling middleschoolers and throwing up before breakfast- a washcloth handed to me to wipe my face. It was hands held during appointments with genetic counselors, it was worshipping together and knowing God was with us. It was wonderful.

Oh sure. I remember wanting to kill each other. I remember praying God would change each of us. I remember consciously thinking... "God- I love him.. but I just don't like him, please help me!" I remember being convinced he was thinking the same. I remember yesterday, when I yelled about laundry and mud left on the floor. I remember the hurts I've caused, and the hurts I've felt.

To be honest- the love we have now- barely resembles what we had then. It is as alike as a paper Valentine and a beating heart. A paper valentine is fragile and pretty- but doesn't weather storms. It wilts- the words written on it seem to waver when hit buy rain drops. A paper Valentine is about impression and expression- it's pretty and begins love.... but doesn't endure.

Now- I know love at 39. After 19 years - our love is less Valentines day and more living beating heart. It is sometimes bloody messy. But it is beating - fast and furious. When the pressure is on, and the race is hard- this love beats harder. This love becomes stronger in the training and struggle. This love endures. It doesn't wilt, drip or run.

Sure- today- as we celebrate 19 years of marriage, there will be pretty cards with ink that runs. There will be starry (somewhat wrinkled) eyes and nostalgic talk. But more than that- in the background.... there will the constant beating of a real, live heart.

Our love- no longer paper and doilys- but growing and living.

Happy Anniversary Honey- I love you- even more than I did.

And yes- I'd marry you again. And again. And again.

Even if you're a dufus and I'm a dork.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Monkey Boy- Meet Monkey Mom

peeking "Help me Mommmmmy! I'm twapped!"

I heard the little panicked cry from the living- room. To be entirely honest- I didn't exactly run from the bathroom to his rescue.

Like the little boy who cried wolf, we've been here before- not all Noah crisis' are real. Most are imagined. (Like standing in the pantry screaming to be rescued when all he has to do is push the door open.) I learned a long time ago not to freak.

I finished my lip-liner and gloss before I went on my rescue mission.

OOPS. This time it was true. I found him lying in front of the armoire that holds the TV in the livingroom. His left arm -up to just above the elbow- was mostly out of view. It was pinned under the armoire.

The armoire is a pretty typical 7 feet tall and thousand pounds of oak, particle board and media equipment with flashing clocks. If you toss in an additional 10 pounds of accumulated dust - (somebody really SHOULD clean that) you've got the picture.

I tried to pull it out. No go. He screamed.

I tried the "wiggle method." Nada.

I thought about butter- then, thought about the beige carpet. "Not that desperate, yet." I thought.

I pulled again- He screamed. Again. Louder.

"Stop screaming- I can't think" I yelled. (volume helps? right? ) I was starting to freak- just a little.

I thought about all those news stories I've heard- about parents suddenly being able to lift cars off of their pinned children. I tried to move the armoire. Nothing. (it was worth a shot.) Incredible Hulk Mom- I am not.

The thought of having to call the fire department to free my child from the monster armoire was not appealing. I looked at my watch- (the flashing clocks are useless) I wondered if I could keep him busy playing one handed gameboy until my teenagers came. They are pretty strong- I was convinced the three of us could lift it.

"What were you doing?" I asked him. More to kill time, than to get an answer. "I had to get my TOY!" My mind instantly went to all the stories about monkeys with their hands in coconuts "Are you still HOLDING it?" I asked.

"I have to get it" He said. Sheesh. A classic. I live in a monkey house. No doubt about it.

It took some convincing- and the locating of an implement to prove that I would fish the toy out as soon as his ARM and BODY were out of the way.

He finally relaxed his grip- we bent his elbow and he was free. Just a few red marks and that faded pretty quick. No permanent damage or butter messes. What a relief.

"I love you mommy, thanks for rescuing me" He said.

I had to laugh. I didn't exactly "rescue" him..... he just let go of the toy.

Funny- I'm pretty sure that from God's perspective I've had my arm stuck for a while- too. Holding onto something, refusing to let it go and but not able to hold on and make it work.

I wonder what would happen if I just let it go? Would he be able to rescue the thing I love? Would He fish it out and hand it to me?

It just might be worth a try.
Matthew 16:24-25
"Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it."

"Dear Jesus- help me not be stubborn- trying to rescue myself or hold onto and grab for things on my own that you want to freely give me- I love you Lord- please help me to stop bein a Monkey mom- amen. Oh- and thnx for helping me figure out how to free the boy....the butter would have been a bad idea."

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Catch a Hummingbird and Find Faith


Today's post "To Catch a Hummingbird and Find Faith" is live at "Laced With Grace"

Make sure and click over for a visit!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Autumnal Treasures

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mitered Square Blanket- New yarn review: Jo-Anne's Debbie Mumm "Traditions"

Will someone please tell Michigan it's fall?

Weird. Leaves are covering the grass. The early morning sky is misty. It LOOKS like Fall. But opening the door is enough to baffle your brain. Although it's cold at night.... it's 87 degrees or higher during the day!

Indian Summer? Global Warming?

Who knows. I've decided to just close the windows- turn on the air and pretend it actually IS fall.

In honor of fall- I started a new knit project. Mitered Squares blanket. From Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I'm using a surprisingly happy find from Jo Anne Etc. A new yarn line: Jo-Anne's Debbie Mumm - "Traditions" In "Adirondack." I'll be alternating squares of this color- with other fall colors- reds burgundys and another colorway in greens.

The yarn is an acrylic/wool blend. Machine washable- colors are great. Like Noro without the vegetation. Or the itch. Softer. With sheen.

Will update the review after a few balls are knit up;)

So far- Thumbs up.

US size 6 needles

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

41 things About My Man. Happy Birthday Husband!

Happy Birthday!

1) His birthday: October 7, 1966

2) He asked me to "go with him" at 10:22 p.m May 22, 1985. On the phone.

3) He is the best Dad I have ever met.

4) He makes people laugh.

5) He is incredibly intelligent.

6) He is gifted in connecting with people.

7) He can cry in a manly way.

8) Watching him worship makes me want to worship God with more abandon. (Yeah- maybe I would if I wasn't watchin my man;)

9) He's got legs;)

10) He likes me. (Sometimes I truly wonder why!)

11) He likes his kids. (I don't wonder why bout this one;)

12) He talks to me about his I can understand it. (which helps me get it;)

13) He has a quick sense of humor. Lightening speed, actually. You never know when a zinger is coming.

14) He had spinal meningitis as a young child. (remembers the spinal tap... poor thing)

15) Has overcome incredible odds with God's help.

16) Used to be afraid to fly. (Like, we drove to FLA on our honeymoon afraid) He's not anymore. Can you say frequent flyer?

17) He's a man of courage. (defined as: one who does not experience the absense of fear, but moves forward in it's presense.)

18) He introduced me to Jesus.

19) He hunts deer. (mostly I still think "ewe" about that... but- it is a "man thing" and is an awesome opportunity for my guys to connect....and give me a bit of "quiet time" ;)

20) He likes our bad beagle.... but doesn't admit it often.

21) He used to hate cats. He likes ours.

22) He is a man who can listen.

23) And talk. About anything.

24) He "bought" 2 robes form our honeymoon hotel.... (in Disney world.. for one night) he wore the original for 17 years. And still has it's threadbare self folded up in the hope chest with my wedding gown.

25) He married me twice. (renewed our vows)

26) He's taken me to many of the countries on my "to visit before I croak" list.

27) He gets up early with my highschoolers. Sometimes makes them eggs for breakfast.

28) He's the kind of guy who will go to the store at 10:00 p.m. for baked goods to calm a craving... whether you're pregnant, or NOT.

29) He's also the kind of guy who will buy you a present no huge reason- but if you're pregnant- it might be a huge pink t-shirt with elephants on it. He will swear he thought they were bears. He will never buy you elephant themed paraphernalia whether you're pregnant, or not.

30) Every year he'll drive you to the airport at "too early o clock in the morning, so you can attend MOPS Convention... then he'll return home to keep the kids and pets from killing each other and destroying the house for 5 days......

31) He will come to understand and even appreciate your "thing" for cameras and photography.

32) He won't gripe about the additional "thing" for knitting... but may not understand it.

33) He love hand knit slippers. (fiber trends clogs...these make knitting acceptable)

34) He thinks I'm a hottie... even at 900 months pregnant with son #3.

35) He loves summer and a/c.

36) He loves home made potato soup and grilled cheese.

37) He is a classic meat n potatos kind of guy. (Don't send him to the grocery store- he'll arrive home with pounds of meat- but nothing to go with it;)

38) He can do a "walk-thru" of a computer problem via the phone- and even solve it.

39) He married me on: October 15, 1988.

40) He can think both "inside" and "outside" the box when needed.

41) He is the best, most loving, most fantabulous, incredible, men evah.

Happy Birthday Husband! I love you!

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Just Me and Noah......Welcome to date day!

The sun is shining. There is no rain. There doesn't seem to be a flood on the horizon and animals are not lining up 2 by 2. (The 2 cats, however, are fighting in the hallway!)

But today- it's all about me and Noah. My Noah. The most incredible 5 year old, that I know. Friday's are "our days." I've talked previously about dating my kids. Somehow- our dating tradition has taken an interesting turn with Noah. The emphasis is heavy on tradition.

On Fridays, we go to "Fridays" He seems pretty set on the idea that "Friday's" is where you MUST go on Friday. A law, rule or at least tradition not to be broken. So, nearly every week, we head out for our lunch date. I ask, each week, "Where should we go?" and he laughs. "Duh, Mom it's Fwiday! We have to go to Fwidays!" (those "w's" are not typo's he's having a little trouble with "r's" ;) Some weeks he starts asking "Is it Fwiday yet?" On Monday. (He sounds a lot like the rest of us.)

Noah's menu never varies. He starts with Fried Mac ' Cheese, (something surely thought up by the devil to inflate my thighs, especially when dipped in ranch dressing!) then moves on to pasta with sauce and "parmish" (his very informal and special word for parmesan). Rootbeer from a bottle is his extra special treat.

I have iced tea and whatever menu item my hormones call for at the moment.

After lunch we head to the "bookstore." We talk about books, read them (and more often than not) buy at least one. After that the schedule varies- we might hit a park, or head home. Usually we end up on the couch with our new books being shared.

Friday is our special day to savor together- once he's in school (soon- working on that plan) we'll simply shift our time. Traditions change with my kids needs. But the memories don't. They are forever.

In the busyness of mothering- I'm learning to pause- and enjoy. How bout you?

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Lord- I pray that you'd help me make time and number my days right... take my schedule Lord- my laundry, my housework, ministry and responsibilities.... show me and help me to take up your priorities- I love you Lord- make every moment count- amen.

***Updated with pics from our day out--- it was EXTRA special- bookstore AND the park;)

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Fallen

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Carseats to Convertibles

I researched for weeks. I went to every toy-store/baby supply store in Michigan. I carefully examined each possibility.

Some looked uncomfortable. Some weren't soft enough. I was Goldilocks in search of the carseat that would be "just right."

Our budget was newly-wed/ newly parent tight. I debated the practicality of an infant carseat that would only be usable for a short time. But when compared to the convertible infant toddler seat, there was no further thought needed. The infant seat was cushy, soft and would cradle my baby, not quite as well as my arms, but the seat would be safer, if not as comfy.

We bit the budget bullet and ate macaroni and cheese for a month. We bought the cushy, safe seat. Later, we did it again to upgrade to the toddler seat. Finally, we moved our little guy to a booster seat, then the big-boy seat belt, his feet dangling, but not quite reaching the floorboards.

I swear it was yesterday. No- yesterday (well a few days since) it was my two oldest climbing into a Mustang convertible (the irony of that being my all time favorite and never ridden in car is not lost on this momma;) with a friend of theirs and heading off to Walmart.

There were no carefully chosen carseats. There was no Mom adjusting the seatbelts. Their feet no-longer dangle. They are old enough to drive themselves. My two oldest sons are men now- no longer children. They are good guys. They have level heads on their shoulders. They wear their seatbelts without fuss. They do their homework. (Mostly) They choose their friends well.

I am proud. I am glad. I am relieved that they survived fevers, stitches and asthma attacks. I'm glad that I haven't totally "wrecked them". (I suppose the jury is technically still out on that one- but so far-so good;) I like my guys. I like who they are and who they are becoming. We're not picking carseats anymore- we're visiting colleges. Discussing options for career paths, instead of toddler seat versus infant seats.

The decisions are no longer mine to make. I have input, but not control.

I remember as a young parent, being at the park, or the grocery store, and having a gray haired smiling face lean in close to mine, whispering, "Treasure this time, it goes so fast." I remember praying that I could survive a showerless, un-ending new mom day, and thinking that if one more person told me to treasure it- I would scream. In their face. Later I could plea post-partum. I would thoroughly enjoy it.

Before I had the chance to, I must have blinked. When I did, the carseat turned to a convertible. The worst part? I realized all those smiling gray heads were right.

The days do seem to crawl- but the years slip by at light speed. I am in an interesting place. I am both a Mother of young adults and a Mom of a Kindergartener. I am not rushing through this one. I know by experience how fast time goes. There is a carseat in the back of my old SUV for my youngest today, but he'll be driving it (probably the same one, I now realize, as we prepare our budget for college expenses!) tomorrow.

Left to my own devices, I'd be afraid. I like control. I feel most confident when I have the most control. I had a lot of control in choosing a carseat. I was confident that I had made the safest decision. I have little control or even illusion of control anymore. It should scare me.

But- mostly- I'm not. I know- that my guys are in the safest carseat of their lives. They are in God's very own hands. He has a plan for their lives. Sure, it probably includes pain and learning the hard way and sickness and most likely even loss. But by experience- I also know- that whatever "wrecks" or "car accidents" that happen in their lives- He will be there to comfort and to heal. He will be there to guide and direct. He always has been for me.

I trust His plan. (Even though I sometimes wish it could be different)

Jeremiah 29:11

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Dear Jesus- please help me move through this next phase of mothering- as my guys drive around top-down in convertibles- help me to trust in your plan for them. God- I pray that ypu'd always be close to them as a a carseat- giving them protection, healing them when hurt and drawing them ever closer to your heart. I love you Lord- and thank you for the privilege of being their mom-and cheif car-seat chooser- amen.

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