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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Go ahead.... pick me a new haircut! COMMENT CONTEST

Everyone is on the mend...(or we're still awaiting the next round of illnesses)

And, I've decided I hate my head. (Well, my HAIR, specifically)

I checked the calendar, and yes I am probably a bit hormonal... but have been sick of it for a while now. I have an appointment tomorrow at noon. I found a website where you can upload your pic and try-on various hair cute- colors and so on. Virtual Makeover (A Grand way to waste time while the dishwasher and washing machine are running)

I need your help. Leave a conmment,choosing a style (options are numbered 1-5 you can click to enlarge- the one marked "A" is close to what I have currently) GO ahead- tell me why you like the one you choose. (The stupid piece of hair sticking out at the bottom rt.... is my own. It wouldn't cooperate;)

Remember, the color and highlighting don't count... just the cut...(as per the norm, I'm too cheap to let the salon do my color- Ill do that myself after it's cut.....will probably buy what's on sale.)

 haircut [pic 002

What they hey...... we'll make it a contest! If you leave a comment with a suggestion- I'll enter you into a drawing for a knitted giftie;) Contest will close at 9:00 a.m Tomorrow- March 1st.

Results (and haircut pic) will be posted after I get home tomorrow;)

(PS the higher the number of coments- the better the prize will be! So send people over to vote! I you link, I'll enter you twice!)


Sunday, February 25, 2007

A pox is upon us!

Sharing viruses, with love- one family member at a time.
So far:
One down and recovering from a random throat infection.
One down with Strep. (The daddy- NOT a good thing)
One stricken with sinus infection then bout of stomache issues.... (that would be me- yuk- slowly getting better)
So the score?
3 down-2 to go........I wonder where the spinning wheel of virus fortune will land? The little one? (Who's sick of watching videos while people recuperate) The middle one? Who is usually our harbinger of viruses?????
Hmmm never know- the fickle finger of viral fate could point in any for now- I'm heading out to stock up on chicken soup and tea....and hand sanitizer- and clorox. ;)
Dear Lord- I pray for healing and protection for my family- help us to rest and recover while managing to function.... amen

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quarantined. OK. That's a lie.

A few random questions:
1) Besides being a repository for virus infected snot, do the sinus' have a function?
2) Can one use a plunger to clear ones sinuses from an infection? (Seems like it would be quicker/cheaper than Clarinax)
3) Does a squeaking sound emmanating from one's sinus' signal a possible problem? (My oldest thinks it's funny. "Mom make your head squeak again!")
4) Whom does a Mom clear/cover a sick day?
5) Has there been a study done to see if the skin lost due to frequent nose blowing, is permanent, and if so- can cheap tissue be re-marketed as an at-home Rhinoplasty kit? (I'm pretty sure I can find a dr (no caps intentional) to endorse the product for the right fee....I could have my own invention---I'll be a "home-cosmiceuplasty" mavin.... An Infomercial! Starring-oh... maybe -- Barbra as a spokes-woman? Maybe for the before pics... OOOPS stepped over the line I may still have a fever...sorry bout that)
Those who read here- are quick. Smart- intelligent. (That's why you're here- to see how the other side lives;) Quick as you are, by now- you've deduced, I'm sick. Yep. I am. Sinus infection. Started Sunday morning. By Monday afternoon, I was thinking about actually going to the doctor. (I hate going to the doctor) Tuesday, I actually went.
Have been avoiding going to my regular physician for over a year. (Urgent care and such) This was bad enough, that I ventured to the primary care doc. In case I needed a referral to a plumber for roto-routing the sinus passages or something.
Somewhere along the line- my doc decided that this was going to become a "lets get you up to date health wise " appt. Better check everything while we've got her up on the hoists... you knpw- the mechanics approach to healthcare. I mentioned concern over weight gain, despite several diet and exercise attempts (Still working out 5 times a week.) I was looking for help. I got ticked.
My sensitivity over my weight gain, must have been lost in translation. (Have had the same Dr for years...her accent is still heavy) Her reply- was to look at my chart- and say:
"Oh, you gain weight. A LOT of weight." thnx, doc.
Yeah. That's probably why I avoid going to the doctor. Her title? Doctor Obnoxious of the Obvious. (OK- typically I like my doctor- but there is nothing like having the confirmation that you're fat, to tick you off. Regardless of your prior knowledge of the very same fact. )
I left with 3 sheets of prescriptions. Two of which, are for lab tests. (Oh please oh please I hope I have a thyroid condition... that's making me fat. At least there is a treatment a for that. )
Hmmm.... I thought about deleting the previous sentence- as it shows a great insensitivity to those with thyroid conditions..... I'm sorry bout that. I can't even imagine how hard the medical issues you face may be.... but the truth is--- what mom of three kids , with a number of pounds to lose, approaching forty-- hasn't wished her weight problem was really a thyroid problem?
Hmmmm lessons learned today----
Sinus infections and Dr's visits make me cranky. Thats about it;)
I'm going to work out... Hey....Does anyone know of an attachment for an exercise bike that will hold a box of tissue????? (kidding- actually feeling better today- hence the post. ( I love the word "hence" btw, both in- and OUT of context. I may even venture out of the house;)
Dear Lord- This is a season of sickness- seems like the flu, colds etc are making the rounds, as they do each winter. I pray for those who are sick- and those who have sick kids- that you'll be with them and heal them, oh- and give their doctros wisdom, Lord- not to say anything DUMB. in Jesus name- amen.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesdays are at "Laced with Grace! "

"Bite N Swallow Versus Bonesucking"
My post today- at Laced With Grace!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Footprints in the snow. "Follow me Mom.... Step in my prints!"

We stepped out of the car - after a long day of bowling birthday parties and family time, I was starting to feel sick, tired and was moving slow. Complaining. Noah, my youngest son, noticed.

"Follow me Mom, step in my prints" He was trying to make my path easier. He had that "little boy trying to be big" look on his face. The one that says "I can lead the way." I love that boy.

But- I couldn't do it. He wanted me to follow him, stepping in his tiny footprints, leaving none of my own. Can't be done. My feet are bigger than his. (For the moment- anyway) Every time I stepped down, My footprints eliminated his. I tried tip-toeing. Nope. I tried hopping. Nope.

Can't be done.

This weekend- I went to the Living Proof Ministries, Living Proof Live , With Beth Moore. I went with a few questions in mind. Questions of direction. I took copious notes, (though with my handwritting I may or may not be able to decipher them!) and several points went straight to my heart. But- at the end of the day- I wasn't feeling anything solid. I felt like God had spoken- but not about what I had asked. Honestly- I felt a bit disappointed.

I went home- continuing to pray. Tired. The good kind of tired- though- for the most part. Sunday morning- I woke up- feeling sick. Went through my day, with my questions of God hanging in the air like an unfinished sentence.

At the end of the day- we stepped out of the car. "Follow me Mom, step in my prints". I laughed. I tried. I couldn't.

"Neither can I" I sensed God saying in my heart.

Funny thing about God- He does all the leading. He makes the decisions. He's God- I'm not. Yet- I realized- I sometimes think God has to line up with my expectations- my understanding. He doesn't.

The maker of the universe, makes the rules. He alone makes the plans that form my life and days.

Not me.

A number of months back- I started a project. (A writing project) One that I felt a strongly about and recieved a number of confirmations about. One that scares me to death.

Somewhere along the line- I decided that this plan- didn't make sense. So therefore- it cannot be God. (I know- I know- when has God ever made sense?) But that's how I felt.

"How on Earth can I write about this.... when I am a MESS? Wouldn't it make more sense If I had it all together first? I must have heard wrong" All the rules- say you write about experiences- after the fact. The rules of teaching say- you teach from experience 5-7 years later. Not in the middle of them. That's when my questioning of the whole idea started. The more afraid I felt- the more questions. Questions I was waiting for answers to- before I would move- at all.

But was I really asking questions? Or stalling? Or telling God what and how He should accomplish His will?

I was:

1) Trying to give myself an out. If I hadn't heard from God- then I didn't have to do it.

2) Trying to make God- walk in my footprints. The footprints I created, footprints of rule following logic. (logic in my mind, anyway)

Until I stepped out the the car- and tried to follow in Noahs "prints." Can't be done.

Neither can (more appropriately- neither -will) God.

This morning- there was this:

Roman's 9-

20But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? "Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, 'Why did you make me like this?' "[h] 21Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use?

Back talk. Yep that's me. Talking back to God- offering Him a more sensible plan. Creating footprints for Him to follow. Telling Him what he can- should be making of my life. It's not that I think there is some "noble" versus "common" purpose for me. It's just that I thought the purpose should make sense!

Lord- these aren't new lessons. Please forgive me for trying to tell you what your plan should be- for telling you- to step into my footprints. So- with all my heart- whatever your plan- I want to say "YES, LORD" (and- Lord- if I need a kick in the pants- go ahead- there's plenty there to kick.)

I will move slow. I am afraid. But- I trust God. Either way.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I can quit, anytime.....No, really- I CAN. Now, step away from the coffee pot!

This morning- I had an epiphany, of the coffee sort.

I think I have a problem. An addiction.... to coffee. *gasp*


The coffee is ready before I am each morning- either made by the man of the house, or the coffee pot's timer, if he's traveling. If I'm up, before either of those- I wait by the pot while it brews. Ocassionally, (Ok, usually) sneaking out a cup before it's done. (I get busted for this if Husband is home... he can always tell !)

The longest 3 minutes of the day are waiting for the pot to brew. (This is clue #1 to my addiciton concern.)

I like my coffee strong--- but then mix it with enough cream to resemble hot chocolate. Think Cappucino. That's pretty close. I used to be a coffee snob- only fresh brewed... within minutes of brewing- actually. Only certain brands. Only certain cups.....

But, lately? I'm spiraling out of control.

I think Its the fault of certain young people and beagles. It can't be me.

While trying to drink my fresh cuppa this morning- looked a lot like this:

Pour fresh perfect cup of coffee.

View a rather large potty deposit. (and attend to it's various implied needs)
Let the yelping hound- both in- and out.

Take first drink of perfect- however- cooler cup of coffee.

Procure yogurt-Open Yogurt lid.
Clean up yogurt mess. (In the summer we solve the yogurt slipping off the spoon problem by serving "Gogurt" popsicles for breakfast. Just freeze the gogurt tubes- voila- instant low mess, somewhat healthy, breakfast.)

Reheat coffee. (I said REHEAT Coffee, people... the slippery slope of addiction I'm now drinking re-heated coffee)

Find the batteries and put them back into the TV remote. (Noah's favorite new activity--- removing/hiding them. )
Chase down the bad beagle and wrestle a piece of toy from her mouth.

Gulp down- now cold again- reheated coffee. And get another cup.
Pot is now luke warm.
Drink one cup- fast and luke warm... cold caffeine is better than none.

Stop dog from licking child's feet. (To his protest. "But, I like it mom!" )

Boot up computer- get more coffee. Now stone cold. But, still it's Starbucks.

Think about brewing another fresh pot--- but strongly desire not to waste even the now cold, nasty brew.... what if I run out? What if there is a coffee crisis? I must stretch out the supply.... fear and panic well up as I face the possiblity of life without coffee.

Drink it anyways. Not bothering to even heat it up.


I have a problem.

And, I don't care. Cause- let's face it it's really only a problem-- If I don't have coffee. Having it isn't the problem. So I'm good;)


Monday, February 12, 2007

A Garbage Man, and a Gentleman.

It was just another day in the 'burbs..... and I was just another bigot. Funny thing, I didn't even know it.

It was late in the afternoon, a few years back. I stopped to pump gas on the corner of a somewhat "risky" spot. It's not a very nice corridor--- a couple miles from motels rentable by week- day or hour, if you know what I mean.......but, I needed gas, and my next turn would take me onto the freeway. Stranded without gas would be worse than stopping at a gas station- for sure.

I stood outside my car, gas pumping slow as molasses in January. ( Why does it pump so slow until the end, then suddenly jump up by .50 when you're not trying to go over $10.00?) Anyways- my eyes were wide open, watching out for carjackers....a momma bear protecting my lil guy- who was asleep in the car.
Then- out of the corner of my eye- it happened. I saw a large, dark shadow approaching. A BIG man. Rough looking- and well...dirty. And, walking straight towards me.

"He's going in to pay for his gas... he's going in to pay for his gas....." I told myself as my nerves tightened like strings on a toy ukele. He didn't head towards the door. Instead, He made a bee-line, straight for me.
My brain changed gears......"Carjackers never just walk up to you...can't be that...Oh, GREAT... I'm about to be hit on my a dirty guy at the gas station....GRAND. Look Married. Look married...." I told myself. (I don't get hit on often...--- but to my teenage son's chagrin--- it DOES occasionally happen- to which they reply "Gross")

The guy smiled. Eye contact. ( "Oh, Crap" I thought. Making eye contact, breaks the first rule of pretending not to see people- so they go away.)
"Hey...... here- I use these all the time.... keep them in your car, so you don't get gas all over yourself." He handed me a new pair of rubber coated palm "garbage man gloves". He had the kindest non- perv... non- carjacker look on his face. A big-brotherly look. I mumbled some kind of "no---but thanks" Still not sure if he was friend or foe. He said "I get them for free--- comes with the job- I make sure my wife has 'em in her car too... she hates to get gas on her nails...."
His wife. Men rarely talk to you about their wife when they hit on you. Must be something else- up with this guy.....but I couldn't figure it out. Maybe he was just a nice guy????
Not sure what to say.....I said:
"Me too." I said--- "thnx so much!" I took the gloves... surprised at this turn of events.

He smiled. Then, just walked back to his truck... a garbage truck. (accounts for the dirt- that's for sure.)

I finished pumping my gas, (hands now perectly covered) and neatly tucked the garbage man glove in my car doors' storage pocket.
I started my truck (nothing says suburbanista like a mini SUV) and started to drive away.
That's when it hit me. What a bigot. Sure--- I could justify my concerns.... I know there are dangerous places and people who do bad things....but it made me sad. Let's face it--- a big dirty guy walked up--- and I could come up with only 2 options:
1) He was a car jacker.
2) He was gonna hit on me.

Wrong on both counts. He was a garbage man- and a gentleman.

Leviticus 19:15

15 " 'Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.

Dear Lord- there are so many ways that I judge others- on appearance- experience , my own paranoia.... God- please help me to see people through your eyes- and help me to never forget the lesson of the garbage man and his glove....I love you Lord- and ask you to change my heart. Amen.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I wish I LIKED exercise... I don' I try to pretend like I'm NOT...when I am

It all started in November.....First we changed our "eating habits". Then--- about a month ago- we started EXERCISING.

I am now suffering "perma booty bruise". This bike thing hurts my butt every single day. But--- If I ever want to be able to stop complaining about the size of said- butt. I have to keep exercising. About 30 minutes- 7 miles . I hate it. BORING. So- I've gotten creative.

I am now simultaneously:

Listening to podcasts and books on my ipod.

While ocassionally yelling at the dog- and stopping or starting dvds for Noah...

Much more importantly- SP 9 has ended.... and my pals have been revealed...

My wonderful "spoiler" was Rosie @ Caught Knitting THANK YOU SO MUCH! You've made this a great round!

Rosie lives in the UK- Cambridge- and has been absolutely wonderful- even including goodies especially for Mr Noah!

I have been spoiling---- Katrina- @ Here In Topeka ...

It's been great fun- getting to know people around the world... and of course getting great presents myself!;)

Looking forward to round 10.

The evidence of exponential multitasking :


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Flicka Adventure in Motown......

Copy of flicka prize 001

Life is always an adventure at our house- today was no exception.

For whatever reason- the entire family was up at 5:30 this morning. Watching the news.... when they announced a contest. Blah blah .... random name will be chosen from the correct answers... I laughed- and said-" well I have to win that".... it was a "Flicka" Movie package- complete with a plush, Noah sized rocking horse from "Red Envelope" .....I booted up my lap top... sent in the answer and a few hours later recieved a phone call.... We won!

Only one catch- you have to show up at the station in person with ID to pick up your prize.

The station is downtown. Ummmmm Detroit. THAT downtown.... I'm always up for an adventure.... but not being overly stupid- I waited till the teens were home and we headed out. (a 6 foot 240 lb guy--- is reassuring- even if he is your baby-boy;)

Did I mention before- that I'm a Suburbanista? One who only goes downtown under supervision? Ever since I got lost trying to pick up my marriage liscense. (19 years ago... let's just say that one ended with me legally married- but crying in my car....not a fun adventure, that day)

The pic above was a corner of a building that was actually striking in the sun. Taken out the sunroof when I was feeling pretty confident.... and before we got to the blocked roads and one-ways....

We made it to the station with minimal trouble... However, The city is blocked off in parts due to the "Motown Winter Blast" I had clear and simple directions to get downtown and back.... with just one little problem.... ummm things were blocked off, seemingly randomly.

A few minor detours... Let's just say Hart Plaza was lovely today...

A few lefts to make rights ... a quick drive through an area with "Exotic Entertainment" to which Noah said--- "Yep- that's the way we should go, Mommy" "I don't think so- Noah" Said Mommy in response.

And we were finally on our way....

A three hour tour... for a forty minute drive. ADVENTURE.

So- was it worth it? Absolutely. Noah is currently watching "Flicka" While riding his new rocking horse.... eating popcorn and I'm recovering under the comfy fleece blanket that was in the gift basket. Along with a separate 3 DVD Flicka collection, Flicka Movie T and Microwave popcorn.

WDIV Detroit- You ROCK! Thnx for the Prize Package!

Copy of flicka prize 002

flicka prize 004

Hmmmm as for the dirty boy face--- we stopped on the way home to pay off our 17 year old body guard/navigator/encourager- Mike- with steak at Applebee's;) Someone was hitting the ketchup and fries pretty hard, I'd say!

Hmmm as an addendum... Noah's doing pretty well on his pony--- he's moved quickly to horse back tricks... Standing on one foot. Standing on the saddleholding the pegs by "Flicka's" ears on ONE FOOT. Hands are now raised over his head... I had no idea how dangerous Rocking horses could be... better move the pillows .... ;)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesdays @ Laced With Grace;)

My Post is up at Laced With Grace

I'm participating in CWO's "In Other Words"

It's a blog meme that offers a quote from a book- participation is offering your "take" on the quote.

Stop in for a visit!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Somthings change... some things don't. On parenting teenagers

Parenting teenagers, while parenting a preschooler- is an odd combination. I play in the snow, watch Dora The Explorer- and discuss politics in the same afternoon.

One moment I feel OLD, OLD, OLD, (being called "ma'am" at Meijers does it for me every time) the next I feel young... (still, ocassionally by people with very bad eyes, or very big hearts, I am confused for my teens older sibling....)

Shhhhhh! You- the one giggling at the keyboard. Do not speak- I know this is a crock and a marketing trick... but leave me in denial;)

Lately- it's mostly making me feel old. Things have changed.

WAY changed.

It's easiest to see the huge changes in regards to my teens experiences verses mine in Highschool...

1) When I was in school we had "Tornado drills" *My kids sit through what amount to "Terror Drills" School is in lock down, practicing safety for school shooters. (I think what bothers me most- is my kids take this pretty matter-of-factly- the world is crazy.

2) When I was in school, drugs were more talked about than seen.... and all of them were illegal.... now kids are selling their own prescriptions. That's weird.

3) When I was in school legwarmers were in.... well- ok- that keeps popping up- but I vote they go away permanently!

4) When I was in school- "politics" were at least veiled in class....*My kid is watching Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" as part of the curriculum. Can you say POLITICAL? Hey- he invented the internet---- might as well be part of the curriculum for Ecology.

5) When I was in school- you called home if you were dying- and then you're mom brought tylenol and gave it to you in the parking lot-on the advice of the school... miraculously healed- back to class you went! Now- they bring you out to the car in a wheel chair. (OK- middle boy was feeling light headed... but please!)

6) When I was in school, we didn't have alliances- of any kind. (That was long before Survivor, I suppose.)

7) When I was in school- there were no gangs in the 'burbs. Just cliques. Really.. it's the same difference. Cliques were pretty brutal.

8) When I was in school... we hid our walkmans (THAT took creativity) and carried cassette tapes in our pockets... My kids get off easy with tiny little I-Pods- holding all the music they need- and easily snuck into class.

9) When I was in school--- backpacks were for camping. The bags we brought to school weighed about 5 lbs- not 40! (With the internet- (thanks, again, Mr Gore) and Thumbdrives and e-books... why are my kids carrying 40 lbs of books? I think thats why middle boy was lightheaded yesterday...he's carrying the pack of a mule!)

10) When I was in school we spoke whatever language we wanted to on the bus--- (mostly swearing) But, we did it to annoy the bus driver... now it's English only- or they think you are planning a terrorist plot.

11) When I was in school....there wasn't an officer posted at each building.... (Maybe there should have been)

12) When I was in school...we carried "Banana Combs" in our back pockets.... not cell phones.

13) "Sun-In" was the haircolor of choice---Orange hair was an accident- not a hair style...(mostly) (Not knocking orange hair-if it works for you- I'm fine with that-- mine is burgundy- sometimes eggplant if it's on clearance...just saying coloring your hair meant pretty much 2 things- darker- or lighter. Unless you used colored hairspray--- which stunk and ran down your face when you were dancing and sweaty... not sure how I KNOW that--- but trust me- it's true;)

14) When I was in school--- we actually left the house after school--- to BE with our friends--- we didn't complain about going out- because we can't talk online if we leave!

15) When I was in wasn't something kids went to over break.......(Some of them should have)

16) Saying the Pledge of Allegiance was an honor.... not a political issue.

17) The 10 Commandments were a good thing......whether you believed in God or not- they made sense. Now, it's offensive to teach that lying, cheating and stealing are wrong...ummmm they still are. Think about the last time someone lied to you... WRONG. Stole from you...WRONG.....see what I mean?

18) Being a Christian was OK... As was believing something else--- now you can believe anything BUT Christianity... that- somehow, is offensive.

19) Being "Safe" was something that happened on a ball-field... not a bedroom....

20) We had cable-- (I'm not THAT old) but we had like- oh... the big 20 channels... or something... and even on MTV people were mostly clothed.

I am OLD. Things HAVE CHANGED....I'm going to dye my roots.

What changes have you noticed? Leave them in the comments.

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